Low-blow’s & high-light’s.


  • Traffic.  Oh my hairy moleymoleymole! Driving my mom to Kempton Park from Northcliff every morning and back in the evenings, with me having to go to the CBD in between was a nightmare!
  • Weather.  Shame, the South Coast was flooding so bad that my mom looked forward to coming here to escape.  Well that didn’t work, did it? We had THE WORST RAIN EVER last week.  Must be Global Warming or something, those ice caps are melting faaaaaast (American oxsent).
  • Sleep.  Or lack thereof.  My mom is an insomniac.  Just like I used to be.  Except, she’s worse than I ever was.  The problem comes in when she gets bored at 3am in the morning and decides she wants company.

The highlights:

  • Under floor heating.  Mom kepts stomping around my floor tiles proclaiming “This is sooo cool, Sheen!  Sooo cool!” Except, warm maybe…
  • Dinner flops with Anglug.  I burnt the cheese sauce, over cooked the pasta and nearly set the garlic bread on fire.  I still maintain that it was the oven’s fault.
  • Giggling ridiculously.  The best thing about my mom is that she makes me laugh, all the time.
  • Spending one night over at Jon’s nursing him.  He was dying, apparently.
  • Explaining to Bergen the intricate details of my mom and her friends who accompanied us to dinner on Friday night.  He coped so well.
  • Having my mom sit with me in the bathroom while I soaked in the tub listening to her regale tales of my siblings.
  • Finally getting the kak gel french pedicure off my toes.  *Shudders*
  • Monte Casino.  She was so impressed with it.  And the great big Santa chair I jumped all over at 1.30 in the morning:

And the winner of Best Fake Grin Evah goes to...

  • The candy canes were a big hit too:
Lookit mah red eyesssss!

Lookit mah red eyesssss!

  • And some momma daughter loving:
Chubby bunny, chubby cheeks!

Chubby bunny, chubby cheeks!

Spending time with my mom was awesome.  She got to meet all the special people in my life, she made me laugh, she made me (almost) cry & she made me miss home.  She even told me how proud she is of my life change.  Wow.

Thanks for coming Mam, I miss you already.


  1. Angel says:

    Well no matter what you think you did to supper- I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    It was really lekker to meet your mommy darling at last!!
    Is your other half finally better?

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