Locked out but I got back in

For some reason I was locked outta this here blog for a few days, which makes me exactly 6 days late in announcing the Steri Stumpie Competition Winners.  Not too bad for me, I’ve been known to be way later.  Anyway, I’m back inside my blog (oooh, feels so good!) and have some news.

1. I was Amy Winehouse last Friday

2.  Immediately after that, I must’ve channeled Amy’s current state of mind and got into a car accident.

Okay, so it wasn’t a serious car accident – but I totally could’ve died.  If it had been quicker.  And harder.  And more tragic, but it wasn’t.  Thank goodness, because I really do enjoy being alive.

How’d it happen?  Some chick jumped a red light and flew into the back of me and then hit some other guy too.  My car is okay – needs a bit of panel beating, but the important thing is that Jon and I are both okay.

3.  Because I have an awesome, awesome boyfriend, I will be going on a cruise to Madagascar in T-minus 4 months!  How amazing?  I’m so excited!

So that’s what happened in the last week.  What’s up with you?


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