Little humans are pretty cute when they want to be

I’m sitting at home and babysitting a tiny little human who spits and coughs and spews stuff and he is soooo cute. Awww.

Have to admit though, as sweet as the poor darling is, I am really relieved to give him back to his mother later on tonight.

My dogs have behaved today, thank god. If they didn’t I would have seriously considered giving them up to the old African man who lives on the corner of the street for breakfast. I’ve seen him eyeing them with those beady little eyes while he sits around his outdoor fire smoking a pipe. Why does he always have to look so hungry?!

Okay. I’m all done. How is your weekend going?

Apparently I am going gambling again tomorrow. I refuse to spend and lose any more money. Refuse. I will go into the kiddies section and smack some heads belonging to plastic crocodiles.

Watch this space, I could hit the jack pot and get enough tickets to trade in for that awesome brown teddy bear I had my eye on last time.


I’m having withdrawals too of a certain something that has been pretty constant in my life for the last two weeks. Not quite sure how I should handle the addiction…