Tonight on National Geographic Channel, the Kratt brothers expored the cultures found in two different Northern Most Monkeys found up in Northern Somewhere.

These monkeys were incredible! They wash sweet potatoes! They rinse off sand from their food in the sea! They take hot baths and massage eachother! This may not sound so amazing at first, but thats because, you know, humans invented cars and airoplanes and stoves after fire. But think about this, these monkeys aren’t human. They are animals. Thats having culture if you ask me!

One particuliar monkey caught my eye. The Kratts called him Limpet. And he stole my heart. His momma died, he was undersized, he wasn’t being nursed as he should have been. Despite being a favourite of the troop leader, Limpet was an orphan in every sense of the word. At one point I watched with a lump in my throat as Limpet sat 100m away from the troop as they feasted on sweet potato, while poor little Limpet sat and dug food out of the sand. He just looked so SAD. His mommy was gone, his friends were all bigger than him and in all likelihood, according to the Kratt’s the odds were against Limpets survival.

I fell in love with him as I watched how he tried his best to keep up with the troop as they trekked through the mountains, and through the bushes. He sat on the beach and waiting his turn (all alone, once again) for someone to offer their generosity in grooming him, and when his turn happened his little face was just in heaven.

At the end of the programme I was convinced that all things would end happily ever after for him as they ended off with a snap shot of Limpet walking into the distance with the troop leader at his side.

But then just before the credits rolled, they had a picture of Limpet, saying the show was in memory of him as he died two weeks later.

My lump in my throat developed into ugly tears, snorting, open mouthed, head-thrown-back wailing. I am so sad about it! Why couldn’t the bloody Kratt’s just have taken him in and fed him. I mean, people can do that right? I’ve nursed lots of little birds who fell out their nests, I’ve bottle fed a baby goat, when I lived in the Pilansberg I fed baby elephants porridge, I have watched my brother Darryn nurse tiny snakes, geckos and lizzards back to health using syringes and force feeding them nourishment. I have even seen (and this is quite gross) an African woman nursing South African abandoned monkeys.

Why didn’t they make more of an effort? Feed the poor fuckers I say!


Am I a nerd?


  1. Julie says:

    I have been searching all over for this video. I saw it about 4 years ago, and I have never forgotten the pitiful look on poor Limpet’s face…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was so sad when I saw the ending. But Chris Kratt did feed the left out monkkey. But they could not take him from his natural habitat.

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