Lights of the high of le weekend gone by…


This beautiful face now has a permanent ball and chain, named Arfur.  Or Abeltjie.  Or Arthur if you really want to be prim and proper, but that doesn’t happen very often in my family.  Ask Jon, who promptly turned the hue of a beetroot in our family kitchen when my mother loudly and randomly assured him “don’t worry, Jon, you’re not the only one without a foreskin here, Wokkie was circumsized when he was little too”.  I swear to God, she said that.  In the kitchen.  In front of about a hundred guests.  My poor boyfriend, he did so well.  And he’s still alive and well, back in Joburg with me after over 72 hours with my family.

The wedding was gorgeous.  The photos we took should be stunning, Cam is lucky to have enough sunshine pictures, lightning shots and night time photies of the wedding partner.  The photographer is an old school friend from years ago and it was so much fun to have all my mates under one roof.  Well, under one marquee.  There was a torrential downpour and while the rest of us were grimacing, my sister beamed – she loves rain.

She looked absolutely amazing.  I am still in awe of her gorgeous dress, and her amazing attitude and ability to stay calm amongst calamity and chaos – she really is such a serene and beautiful woman.  Her new found husbank grinned the entire evening, even when he forgot his speech and stood at the microphone, he was grinning.

My brothers and I had a squidgy fight at the tables, pissed a few old people off, I slipped in mud, I forgot half my speech while I was up there and elaborated but also mistakenly called my new brother-in-law an asshole (but I don’t think too many people at the back heard) and got pissed with my mates.  Jon even danced with me and he doesn’t do the dance thing.  Which he should, because he’s really not as bad as he claims to be and because I’m nagging him to start up salsa classes (wink, wink boyfriend person – I haven’t forgotten you promised to “think” about it).

So my sister is married.  She is happy.  My brothers semi-behaved themselves the whole weekend, especially with Jon.  Except for the part where Dazz asked Jon where he could find a yamaka with a Nike label on it or where Wokkie pulled a face of disgust when Jon admitted he wasn’t ballistically crazy over rugby as the rest of my family are.

So all in all, really not a bad weekend.  We both had fun and Jon fits himself right in and made himself at home, which is all I was really hoping for.  Hell, he even got up early and had private jokes with my mom while I was sleeping off my hangover.  I think I’ll keep this one around for a bit longer, blog land 🙂


  1. Amy says:

    Aww man, your mum is sooooooo embarrassing – but thats why i love her! Or stories of her anyways, i’ve never actually MET her….

    BUt if she can say that and Jon only blushed, and didnt run for the hills, well sounds like you’ve got a keeper there my lovey…

  2. stalker says:

    wow it sounded amazing …. I cant wait to see the pics! she is one of the luckiest girls around congrats
    Miss you bee

  3. Auntie Laina says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. So glad Jon survived his baptism. Wish we could have been there. Post pics soon. Where did they go for the honeymoon?

    Miss & Love you all toooooo much

    Laina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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