Lighter heart…

In an attempt to actually make human contact with my friend, I called up Goose last week and set a date to meet her later that Friday night for “coffee”.  We were all gung ho and “yes!  brilliant! we need it, must get together and catch-up blahblahblah” and so we set a time.

Half an hour before the time I got off the couch and put some clothes on*.  On the hour, I decided to paint my nails so that I ceased the resemblance of a drunk hobo tranny.  Half an hour after the hour, I put a brush through my hair.  An hour after the hour, I made peace that my beloved friend had forgotten about our date, and got under a thick duvet on the couch and got comfy for a rare Friday night in by myself.  Just me and the TV.

Another hour later, my phone rings and I answer;

Me: Slutbag.

Heidi: Oh my fuck Sheen, I’m so sorry.

Me: S’okay – you forgot, right?

Heidi: I remembered five seconds ago, half way home.

Me: You suck so hard.

Anyway, last night we finally managed to get together.  Her and her ginger bf, me and my Jew bf, we set off on a mini road trip.  Well, eventually, after her Ginger arrived to meet us an hour later, reeking of tequila.  We didn’t mind though, he entertained us with his drunken comments, slews and hysterical ramblings the whole way to our destination.  Jon was in stitches and I suspect they may have a bromance going on behind mine and Heidi’s backs.

On to the destination, which was Brakpan of all places.  Dear God in heaven, what a colourful place.  No really,  it’s lit up with neon coloured lights and as Jon said, “You kind of want to look for the peas and carrots hey”.  Vomited rainbows, that’s what the interior decorator had in mind for Carnival City.

We saw Jeff Dunham live.  He was HILARIOUS.  Oh man, my tummy is still sore this morning from all the laughter.  His characters are hilarious, and the show was completely personalised to South Africa, he even tested out some new material on us, including Diane, his first ever female character based on his ex wife.    I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though the seats were hard as hell and my ass kept going numb.

I’m feeling much better now.  Goose and I had a bit of a heart to heart, Jon and Shaun the Ginger kept each other entertained, and I left there feeling exhausted, but so much lighter in my heart.

A much needed and appreciated evening.  I think I might almost, maybe, be able to make it through to the long weekend tomorrow.

*It’s my new thing.  I sit on the couch upstairs in my undies and socks watching Kardashian reruns before Jon gets home.


  1. cath Jenkin says:

    Love. This is why I miss you. That exact space where i can go


    and we both walk away feeling a backstreet boy lighter.

    love you x

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