Life’s waste

Waste is seeing a six year old in a hospital bed with no hair
Waste is having the perfect pizza being eaten in front of you while on diet
Waste is buying the perfect pair of shoes in the wrong colour
Waste is finally learning how to master that yoga pose and then breaking a leg

Waste is having a phone with ipod capabilities without the earphones
Waste is watching tv without sound
Waste is having a balcony with no view
Waste is meeting the perfect man but finding out he’s gay

Waste is accepting pregnancy and then suffering a miscarriage
Waste is having survived cancer only to die from suicide
Waste is coming home to a robbed house a week after you cancel insurance
Waste is looking gorgeous for hours and then only being seen after you’ve changed into your house clothes

Waste is not being with the one you love.

Waste. It’s the essence of life, but life wouldn’t be worth it without the lessons you get out of Waste.

My thought for the day. Use it, don’t use it…


  1. Amy says:

    You’ve been quite emo of late – anything you wana talk about ? I’ll listen! The only other reason I can think of is that you are, in fact, turning into me….

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