Life right now.

It’s 2015. How do we not have drive-ins for Seattle coffee yet? I miss the days of just popping into a shop. I had no idea how having a kid would change this one small, simple pleasure in life. Now if I want to go into the shops I need to either find a babysitter (hahaha I wish I was less paranoid and would actually consider doing this) or take the baby with, strap him into his car seat, plug in his dummy, coo to him along the drive, park in front of the shop, open the boot to get out the stroller, unclip the car seat, plug the car seat into the stroller, shield the baby from vampire-inducing facial expressions when he sees the sun, steer the stroller around the shop while simultaneously trying to balance a basket on top of the stroller handles, coo to the baby while finding the right card to pay for groceries, balance stroller while holding grocery bags and then trying to use a knee to nail shit down while digging for car keys. I’m exhausted just typing this.

Also, speaking of the baby. My 8 week old son farts like a 6ft7 rugby player, in case any of you were wondering. I have never experienced this. Who knew little baby boys were so smelly? Like, all the time. He smells, you guys. If it’s not of cotch, or pooh or wee, it’s just this cute little stinky boy smell. I’m not being mean, I love him and I swear he’s bathed daily so he’s not unhygienic, per se. Just stinky. Definitely not as nice smelling as his sister was, that’s for sure. Having said that, if I could bottle his smell and little baby noises, I would. Because goddamn, he’s so cute. In everything he does or doesn’t do, he’s just so very precious.

Our renovations are still crappening. Three and a half months on. To extend a bedroom and redo a bathroom. I can’t even find the funny anymore. But in the latest saga, we were told that the bathroom fittings couldn’t possibly be installed until we fixed the water pressure. So I leapt up with a smile on my face and found the very next available plumber.

No I didn’t. I shouted and screamed and had a bit of a cry on Jon’s shoulder. And then I got in a recommended plumber from my neighbourhood chat and got a second, third and fourth opinion. Finally, we settled on a dude to come fix the pressure, and then this happened.


But at least I can say that I’ve learnt lessons throughout this whole exercise. Here’s some advice for those of you wanting to do renovations in your home:


2. Seriously, don’t.

3. Ok, if you must, then be sure to– DON’T FUCKING DO IT, TRUST ME.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my child, because he’s the ray in our life right now and so I’ll share some rays of sonshine with you too:

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  1. snowgoosesa says:

    This post does not fill me with hope. At least our “renovations” will only be knocking down a few non-load bearing walls… but still….

    Also. Imagine you had my Sellers. Just imagine.

  2. Mellisoo says:

    Can totally relate! To all of this, though we managed to finish renovations and move in (-ish) the day before our daughter arrived. SO handled them since I was busy being pregnant and all. Caught a lucky break!

    Also, the baby carrier has been a life saver for the quick shop-pop-ins. Out of car seat into carrier, two free hands, good to go. (The schlep of in and outing from seat to carrier is worth it). Hard lesson learnt, a wrap type carrier that you can put on before you leave the house and just pop baby into works better than a clipy-joby (tiny love) because it takes the carrier schlep out of the equation and the latter doesn’t favor neck support for the littley if you have 5lt milk jugs instead of 250mls. Looks like I have a bobble head on my chest with every step.

  3. Tara says:

    Baby wrap, dude. It was a lifesaver for me. I could leave my huge stupid pram at home; baby was close to me so minimal screaming and…bonus, I could hide my cotch stained t-shirt under the wrap!

    Search for “NINO Babywearing South Africa” on Facebook for tips xx

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