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One of my favourite internet friends, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde does a series of Life Lately posts from time to time that talk about what she’s been up to. I find it so interesting to read about how other people spend their time. I’ve unfortunately also come across very boring bloggers who try and do the same thing, so it’s very clear that not everyone can pull it off, so let’s see where I fall…

I’m just putting it out there into the universe: I need a family holiday. One where we’re not visiting people, doing Iron Man, or weddings. A break from the day-to-day world would be fab, plsthxbi. It’s been so long since Jon and I just let our hair down and relaxed in a place outside of our own home. I know that there are so many other things to worry about, and that despite feeling a little stressed, we live a very blessed life. But it would be even more hashtag blessed if we could please go away somewhere as a small family unit. Anywhere. Hell, I’ll take camping in Parys at this point. Ok not really, I don’t want to camp, it’s winter. Also, my hair. And camping = far too much nature.

roughing it

I’ve just wrapped up a hugely successful campaign for Google South Africa, a client of mine through my consultancy The Social Local. If you’re online, you may have seen posts using #MyGoogleZA, that was me behind the scenes doing an influencer marketing campaign for them. I loved this project, I was able to work with influencers and celebs across the country and I also got to play with such fun tech called Google Cardboard. You look like a bit of a knob twisting and turning with this thing on your face, but inside the Cardboard you’re experiencing WORLDS, so you don’t care even a little bit. I flew, swam with whales, fished in Antarctica, followed a fox down a snow slope. VR is too cool. I’m a nerd, I know. Thankfully, June has been much better than May, business-wise. But, if you know of anyone needing social media consultancy, strategy, training or campaign management, please send them to me. I now have capacity to take on more clients.

Aiden is a year old now. Can you believe it? He celebrated his birthday on Monday where 12 months ago to the day, I was packed for our anniversary night away in a hotel (hashtag homance) with Jon and instead we went into labour ward and cut a baby outta me. I think back to the tiny, sticky, hot mess of squawling baby being placed on my chest and my heart overflows with feelings that leak out of my eyes. I can’t believe how big he’s grown, how funny he is, how alert and clever and sneaky and naughty he is. He’s already a hooligan, just like my brothers, and I love him so much even though Jon is his favourite parent and not me.

13413043_10154171055665406_6174736711951441947_n 13466455_10154171055940406_6630771753991469253_n


Look how little he was a year ago, OMG.


We were with my sister Ash last weekend to celebrate with my side of the family. It also fell on the same weekend as Jon’s half Iron Man 70.3* in Durban, which was such good timing. Ash and I had planned to  bake his first birthday cake together, in the hopes that it’d turn out better than these babies did. It did, thank goodness. Aiden got to meet his cuzzies for the first time, and my siblings saw how big he’s grown and fell in love all over again even though he was a miserable little punk for most of the afternoon. Only family could dote on a crying baby child.

13413043_10154171055665406_6174736711951441947_n 13418719_10154171055525406_7887813839380520494_n


This week Aiden had a small party with his school friends, and on Saturday we’re having a big party at our house in Joburg over the weekend. Lucky fish, 3 parties for his first birthday, and he’ll probably be oblivious at every single one. But it’s really for Jon and I anyway, to celebrate that we’ve survived our first year with a child still married, still in tact, still in love and still laughing with, at and for each other. Go us. We’ve even relaxed enough to hire babysitters and go out on dates! What! Who even are we?13393989_10154173391975406_611257053127796736_n


Despite being sick two weeks before the race, and having little to no sleep a few days before the actual day – Jon rocked Iron Man so hard. I was so flipping proud of him I cried when he crossed the finish line. He looked so relieved and proud and broken all at the same time, and he’s still walking like John Wayne today which I find very amusing and like to tease him about whenever and as often possible. Supporting him this year was so much easier than Iron Man 70.3 in East London because the race happens right outside of Suncoast, and we’d stayed at Suncoast hotel. Luckily, my mom and Wok came through to spend the day with me so I wasn’t alone in supporting Jon for a change. They also gave me so much help with keeping Aiden entertained and busy.



13445411_10154173392145406_2668190123456745047_n 13423763_10154173392320406_8951948716820087101_n

For some now unknown reason, we decided we’d drive to and from Durban for the trip away. With a sick one year old, we left at midnight on Wednesday last week after having zero sleep on the Tuesday night before that. What a stupid bloody idea. Because, no, of course Aiden didn’t sleep through like we’d hoped he would, which meant that we got no rest and a screaming baby for our stupidity. Of course, we then decided that driving through the night was awful, so we drove back on Monday and left at 9am. We got home at 7pm on the dot. TEN HOURS OF DRIVING WITH AN AWAKE ONE YEAR OLD.

Let’s just say there were lots of these road side stops along the way:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.55.47 PM


Yesterday Jon and I took the day off work, sent Aiden to school and took a drive down to Hartebeesport to fake Paris. We had french toast and camembert and bubbly for breakfast. Then we went and stood under the Eiffel tower and locked our engraved lock on the lock bridge (how many times can ‘lock’ safely be used in a sentence?) like good tourists should do. From there we drove to Seasons spa and were treated to a couples massage while overlooking a little glass pod suspended over the water. It was heavenly, and the perfect way to relax after Iron Man and a ten hour drive back from Durban.

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Now that Aiden’s birthday, our anniversary and Iron Man are all over (THANK THE BABY JESUS IN A SHOPPING BASKET) it’s time to relax. Unwind. More importantly, it’s my turn to go do things on weekends instead of being on baby duty while Jon trains. I can do anything I like! Sleep in! Go out! Do my nails! Read a book! The possibilities are so endless that when I realised it’s my turn to do things I got so excited I suggested a decoupage session with the girls. DECOUPAGE?! I don’t even know who I am anymore. Of all the things to do on my first free weekend.

How are you guys? What’s been happening in your lives? I’d love to hear from you.


*Iron Man 70.3 is a world famous triathlon: 1.9km sea swim, 90km cycle, 21km run.


  1. catjuggles says:

    Well done to Jon and happy Bday for little Aiden. Honestly the drive was tough but flying with a sick child and the inevitable ear infection that follows on the flight is worse I think

  2. MeeA says:

    Congratulations on all your events, anniversaries and big boy celebrations, you guys!

    Our news (which isn’t really all that new anymore) is that we’ve bought a house and renovations are imminent… Eeeeek! Of course, you guys can smile knowing smiles about the hell we’re about to enter, while you enjoy your already renovated home… 😛

  3. Ankia says:

    What a busy life you have! Very lekker to read about it though so keep these coming from time to time 🙂

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