Life Lately in November 2016


When I began my Metamorphosis journey I went in with an open mind not really knowing what to expect other than some time for just me. The overview read as a relaxing and gentle touch treatment that would leave me feeling less stressed and more introspective on life. Little did I know what a profound and deeply meaningful change it would start inside of me. My beloved husband thinks I’m absolutely off my rocker and can’t get behind this alternative movement due to his chronic and ever-skeptic pessimism, but supports the idea that I’ve found something that calms me, so there’s that at least.

At our very first session the Metamorphosis owner and therapist, Jean (who is LOVELY, by the way – very warm and nurturing and opened me up like a book) said to me I should set aside some time after our session ‘to reflect’. Reflect on what, I had no idea. And I certainly didn’t the next day or the day after that. She also said to expect to physically clean things as that was our subconscious way of de-cluttering the mind. Ha! I haven’t cleaned anything myself since 2006 so was v. skeptical. Until the following session where I casually remarked how I’d not stopped dreaming. And also I started Kiera’s garden that had been planned for years. And I redecorated my office and sorted out the garage storage. But the dreams! The dreams were the biggest change. You can read all about that in Part 1, and a bit more about the reflection stuff in Part 2. What I’ve not told you since those posts is that I’ve found a bit of my spirituality and a lot of peace.

I’ve managed to get closure on my daughter’s death in doing her garden. It’s become a place of sanctuary and calm for me in my fast-paced world. I sit in the garden every evening and drink it all in with my eyes and I feel so happy in this little place I’ve created for myself and my family. Aiden and I have started gardening together. I garden by telling our talented gardener Mondlie where to put the things in the soil, and Aiden gardens by following Mondlie around trying to give back the soil that Mondlie chucks aside with a spade. He also gardens by sticking both feet into the ground-level pot-plants directly after I’ve watered them, and then smears the mud into his hair (just like daddy does with the hair gel in the morning).

I’ve joined a gym and begun to practice not drowning while flailing my arms and legs in the water in a forward motion. The smoothies available to me directly after the swims are a delicious problem, though. I love taking Aiden with us to the gym, he clings to me like a spider monkey in the giant pool but eventually warms up enough to splash around a bit. We’ve been so slack going over the last month, but I have to get back into it – my thunder thighs and jelly belly need to be tamed once more.


Metamorphosis is such a sneaky little thing. It starts so subtly and then BAM! you’re hit over the head with a cloud of clarity, about things that have been lying dormant for years. It’s not a science, it’s not a theory, it’s just an alternative healing energy disbursement that helps one to feel things and sort things out. I’ve found myself contemplating life and business and love and friendship – I’m not a comtemplator usually, I’m more of a stare-at-your-phone-mindlessly in the spare minutes kinda girl. So this in itself is a huge change for me.

The other big thing that has changed is my business. For the last month, I’ve been fully dedicated to an international client who has retained The Social Local’s services for 40 hours a week until late 2017. It has meant that my business expanded before I’d planned for it to happen, and that I’ve taken on two team members to help me with the pre-existing workload from our clients. I feel so ridiculously accomplished over it all. It didn’t happen by luck or fluke, I *made* this happen, with my brain and sheer will and determination. I’m super proud of that. I’m proud that something I thought was so daunting and scary and unachievable has just fallen into place without any major hiccups or drama. I’m so grateful for the trust placed in me to represent the communications and messaging and strategy of such important businesses. I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve sustained a healthy family / work life balance.

Lately I’ve also gotten closer to my mom friends. Our babies mostly all attend the same school and these girls are there to assist with decisions on how to break up with professional services, which nail colour to choose for the week, how to handle marriage bumps, what the green coloured snot means in our children and when to use which medication. They’re so much more than fellow class moms now and I feel so happy to finally blend in with women going through the same thing as me – being a working mom with a toddler, juggling marriage, life and adulthood. We meet at the last-minute on Saturday mornings to kill time and let the kids play, we arrange movie and dinner nights where we put on actual makeup and wear proper human clothes that don’t have spit or smeared toddler food in the fabric. Tonight we’re actually going on a girl’s night. I think it’s actually my first one since my bachelorette party in 2014 – how ridiculous!


Aiden received his first ever school report this morning. I mom sobbed while reading through it. My boy can sit and listen to a story (clearly this is a geo-tagged capability only – it’s never happened at home), feed himself and has learned to share well with others. He’s a “spirited, sweet-natured, pleasure to teach”. My mama pride knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter that his ball skills seem to be lagging, or that he only tries to sing along but can’t say the words. He’ll get there when he’s ready, if he’s ready and not a moment before – and that is totally fine by me.

He loves people and is so happy at school with his friends and at home with his family. His granny’s last visit was filled with fun and shenanigans and sweets, just what every toddler ever ordered.


He is *very* jealous of his new baby cousin, despite what the following photo looks like. I’m not allowed to go anywhere near her when Aiden is within eyesight.


If you’re reading this while in Joburg, I hope you stay safe in this weather we’re having. We for sure needed the rain, but I wouldn’t mind if God held back on the chaos a little bit.

Happy Friday!


PS: if you’d like to book some time with Jean, I highly recommend you do. Visit her website for her contact details. Here’s what you need to know:

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s R450 per session, with a recommendation of 9 sessions in total, with options to “top up” if and when necessary after some time.
  • If paying up front, there is a sizeable discount on offer.
  • Jean is based halfway between Northcliff and Melville and operates out of her home.
  • Dress comfortably and be ok with lots of physical touching of feet, lower legs, hands, arms, head, neck and back.
  • You won’t need to strip as everything is done above clothing, so you’re comfortable at all times.
  • Be better than me: give yourself a proper pedi first as your feet will be bare ass naked.
  • Go with an open mind and don’t expect instant gratification (very hard for me as I am all about instant gratification).

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