Let me let you in on a secret I’ve been keeping

Lest you think I’ve been staring at the mowwwwntin all this time, I actually have been working fast and furiously.  There’s a brilliant concept in the making that I am fortunate to be a part of.


The concept involves business people advertising on decent bloggers sites.  I’m so excited about it, not only has it given me an opportunity to converse with some of the more popular bloggers out there, it has taught me a lot more about how this blogging world works.

 Also – for those bloggers out there who haven’t plucked up the courage to join Entrecard – do it!  Come on, I wanna drop a card on you!  Just sign up already damnit!

The other thing I want to tell you about is a brilliant post done by Peas today.  Her readers are almost as funny as she is.  This post is going down in history as legendary – mark my words!  Go check it out for yourself.

Okay, thats it from me today – I am going to bed, good night!