Lady Chaterlaine, you’ve been Celestined!


I’m undergoing a massive self discovery. My outlook on life has become somewhat hippiefied and futuristic. Also, Celtic and earthy. I am changing my ways to that of a earth flower being, allowing the cosmos to be, and not fighting the inevitable. I’m talking, of course, about The Celestine Prophecy.

I’ve read it, I’ve researched it, I’ve discussed it. Now, I live it. I have to be honest though – the idea of meditation still daunts me. Every time I sit down in a place quiet enough, I find myself squeezing my eyes shut after a few minutes and thinking about what a dork I must look like. This then makes me think of what I’d think of when I saw someone else in my position, and I collapse into a fit of giggles.

One thing I have grasped though, are the messages in my dreams, and also the awareness of coincidences around me. The energy part of it is still a work in progress, but something I could find myself following, because – to be honest – its not so hocusy-pocusy as, say, religion.

Just this morning, I was about to leap out of the office, into my car to drive down the road, when one of my least favourite patients arrived to pick something up. Irritated, I got out of my car to help him inside, which is when he told me how he’d just been fined R700 for not having a driving license on him. Directly where I was planning to drive to! Had he not been such an asshole and told me how the trip to my office had cost him just under a grand, I would have been fined!

Thank you Celestine, I do believe coincidences are all part of some big, wide, cosmic hippie plan. Next task, get Cath to convince me Destiny does exist.