#KretzGate Wedding Photos

I’ve been traveling so much this month that I am *really* looking forward to spending my first weekend in September at home.  I am actually so exhausted, I cannot wait for the year to start slowing down, 2014 has been a blur for me.  I guess that’s what happens when you get engaged, plan a wedding and then actually do it, all in less than half a year.  Last Sunday I flew back from Cape Town to the lovely surprise of our wedding photos waiting for me on our dining room table.  Jon and I opened the package with glee and relived our wedding day through every single shot.  A few hundred images later, and this is a collection of some of my favourites (there were about 20 more, but stupid wordpress is REFUSING to load anymore, it’s like it knows it’s Friday and went ‘screw it, I’m downing tools!’:

s+j {bridal couple} 7 s+j {bridal couple} 6 s+j {bridal couple} 7 s+j {bridal couple} 9

s+j {bridal couple} 11s+j {bridal couple} 16s+j {bridal couple} 21 s+j {bridal couple} 25 s+j {bridal couple} 26 s+j {bridal couple} 40 s+j {getting ready} 91 s+j {getting ready} 87 s+j {getting ready} 75 s+j {getting ready} 3 s+j {bridal couple} 88 s+j {bridal couple} 83 s+j {bridal couple} 77 s+j {bridal couple} 59 s+j {bridal couple} 41

s+j {getting ready} 20

s+j {bridal couple} 65 s+j {bridal couple} 69

s+j {i do's + family} 52 s+j {i do's + family} 57 s+j {i do's + family} 130 s+j {i do's + family} 134 s+j {i do's + family} 133

s+j {i do's + family} 135s+j {i do's + family} 141

s+j {i do's + family} 144s+j {i do's + family} 158s+j {reception} 2s+j {reception} 6s+j {reception} 8s+j {reception} 13s+j {reception} 19s+j {reception} 20s+j {reception} 24s+j {reception} 46s+j {reception} 50s+j {reception} 61s+j {reception} 68s+j {reception} 74s+j {reception} 75s+j {reception} 88s+j {reception} 89s+j {reception} 93s+j {reception} 95s+j {reception} 98s+j {reception} 102






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