kalahari.net – biggest failure yet.

An email sent to Kalahari.net using their contact form.


I have waited a week and two full days now for my order above.  After 3 phone calls, I'm reassured each time that my order is "on its way today".  Each day I check the status on your "My Order" section and nothing changes.  This is absolute hogwash, I've paid for a service advertising 24hr delivery and its not accurate!

I supplied an address in the CBD of Joburg, as far as I'm concerned, you cannot get more convenient than that.

As a blogger, online magazine owner and user of a Twitter account, I will be making sure that everyone I know boycots your brand from now on and uses one of your (many!) competitors, because this service is intolerable.

Yours sincerely,

Sheena Gates
082 *** ****


Now lets see how long they take to respond…

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  1. Shebee says:

    It’s actually just arrived. I caused a bit of a shitstorm on Twitter and whaddayaknow, someone calls and I have my stuff in under two hours.

    http://mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com was the second saffa blog I ever read. She’s just published a book, so I finally got my copy today. I’m so excited and proud of my blogging friend, its unreal. Go read her blog and then buy her book!

    And then I also got skullcandy earphones of awesomeness 😀

    Will definitely be using Take2 or Loot next time round though…

  2. flarkus says:

    Kalahari’s service occasionally suffers these hiccups and one has to throw your toys to rectify things. But mostly, I have no complaints with them.

    I tend to shop around for the best deals and then hope delivery dates are met. Take2, Kalahari and Loot are all equally good online media suppliers. I’ve even ordered items from Exclusive Books’ online facility, which is way slower than those 3.

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