Just to take your mind off things for a second…


I’ve had so many blog readers mail me asking why I haven’t elaborated on my new relationship, via gmail, facebook, twitter DM’s and snail mail (okay, not really the last one) and this is now the third time in a week where I’ve sat down to actually blog about it and stopped half way through a semi – decent post.  I know exactly why, too.

Rebecca summed it up perfectly in one of her blog posts a while ago, basically it goes a little along the lines of something similar to this, except she didn’t write a poem in a gay-like manner like I’m about to:

I’m happy.  So happy.

I’m terrified too, if anyone cares.

I’m awed, floored and never bored.

I’m free to be me, which is very NB.

More than that though,

I cannot tell you

Because its sacred, yo

And this is me trying to follow through.

I’m in love, dude

Very much, hopelessly and embarrassingly in luuuuurve, see

And his name is Jon the Jew

For writing this, I fully expect you all to loudly laugh at me*

*Cos you KNOW if it were the other way round I’d be holding my belly by now.

So, yeah.  Things are awesome.  And yes of course I could write a whole bunch of stuff about how ABSOLUTELY BLOODY ANAL he is, or how he laughs at my silly jokes, or the way he looks at me, or the amazing thing he does with *** ****** that makes me go ***********, or how we both share the opposite of what you’d know as a foot fetish, or that I don’t think I’ve ever been this open, this honest, this accepted with or by anyone, ever.  I could tell you all of those things.  But I won’t.  Not today.


  1. FeistyFemale says:

    Firstly – Love the honesty. It’s why readers love this blog.

    Secondly – I can totally relate to all of the above. My thoughts on it: there is a lot to be said for privacy when you embark on a new relationship.

  2. Amy says:

    Good for you my luvvie. YOu’ll share when your reader – all we really need to know is that your happy.
    And i think you pretty much got the point across with that one….

  3. cath says:


    I know this. i never thought Id see you write it.

    But ive seen you live it. and now ive seen you write it.

    Jon, youre awesome. You let me text you dude. I mean, fuck, thats the shizness.

    Gates. love you. Smit and Shit X

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