Jon’s 30th [Jon I forbid you to read this]

It’s coming up this weekend. Well, he actually turns 30 on Thursday, so today and tomorrow are the last days he can call himself a young spring chicken.

But I need advice.  I’ve ordered his pressie ages ago, but it looks like it’ll only be delivered after his birthday which is very fokken annoying.

Anyway – what can I get him in the mean time?  Something small but epic and cool, just so he has something to open on the day.

This is what I have a blog for people, lend me your ears.  And assvice.  Discuss.


  1. Paul says:

    Steven knows all the best Zimmer Frame shops, just ask him for advice. He even knows about motorised one’s. (yup, he’s planning ahead as usual) 😛

    Anyway, on to real advice – if he’s a gadget guy, I found that the ZAPS Online has some cool gadgets that I’d only seen on ThinkGeek previously. (

  2. Arno says:

    Something sexy for sure. Get a naughty outfit and stay in for some roleplay… with or without dice. Just remembering that rolling 1D20 for pregnancy check is not “being safe”, no matter what the GM says 😉

    If you must buy beer, it’s worth finding out what his favourite premium beer is. I like Leffe ( — expect to pay through your nose, but he will tear up if he’s worthy of being called a beer drinker.

  3. StevenMcD says:

    I know I’m weird and all, but the idea of giving someone a coffee blowjob is not on my todo list 😛

  4. cath says:

    Coffee blowjobs are an ESSENTIAL when you’re in the shit about something…and need to get out of it.

    Oh, and dudes, technique is everything!

    (and no, Postitboy has not had the pleasure. That’ll have to wait til I do something really wrong!)




  5. Cath's sister says:

    I can heartily recommend an ice blow job … now that probably tells you more about Cath and I than we probably want you to know …

  6. cath says:

    you know how everyone always accuses me of pushing the envelope? it’s not my fault, see? My sister is worse at it!

    Tis genetics! LOL

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