Jessica Leandra – racist schmodel.

So a shmodel from FHM thought it was okay to drop the K-bomb on Twitter last night… right after she said something about not tolerating rude African monkeys. Of course, the tweets were deleted the minute Women24 picked up on it, but it’s too late. Twitter never forgets. Readers, I give you the wisdom of Jessica Leandra:

  1. RT @JessicaLeandra: Highlight of my weekend? Almost punching an #Engen petrol assistant. No tolerance for rude African monkeys
  2. RT @JessicaLeandra: Just, well took on a on arrogant and disrespectful k***ir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have [I’ve intentionally blocked out the word there]

The article went live a mere hour ago, and this topic is already trending on Twitter, in 4 different ways:

This is why people need to watch what they say online. Aside from the fact that racism is soooo pre ’94, it’s disgusting, uncalled for and not acceptable. It amazes me how some individuals think it’s still okay to think this way, and worse yet, publically tweet about it.

A perfect case in how wrong things can go via social media? Jessica was just publically fired from FHM:

And she continues to justify her actions.

May the fourth be with you, Jessica.  You’re going to need it.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Flarkus says:

    She has every right to be incensed about any act of sexual harassment, however this gave her no right to make a sweeping and repulsively offensive remark. Being a public figure (well, she is in some sense), she needs to learn to use that lonely brain cell for something other than striking a pose

  2. Justin McCall says:

    Absolutely no excuse for her rude tweet. No amount of apologising will gain any respect people may have had for her. I honestly feel that she needs to be stripped of her FHM title and left out to dry.

    Given how many times this sort of thing happens, she should know, from a professional perspective what to say and what not to say on Twitter. It just proves how incredibly unintelligent these ‘celebrities’ are. She deserves every bit of PR nightmare she has to deal with.

  3. Kerryn says:

    What a cop out!! That is not an apology; it’s a lame attempt at justification.
    What would have been wrong with calling him an ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’ – why the ‘k’ word?
    100% Racist, and I hope she feels the full wrath of South Africans who will not stand for that behaviour.

    Ya, I stabbed that dude in the eye, but he made sexual remarks and sounds, so isn’t it okay?

  4. Jerusha says:

    Her apology was half-assed at best. More sorry people called her out on her blatant racism than anything else, I think.

  5. usb says:

    Wat an airhead wat was she thinking,does she think?this is the 21st century where did she grow up?

  6. Nomah says:

    She’s so young who would have thought
    She’s still stuck on the dark ages… Dum ass model

  7. ktee luv says:

    T’s really sad coz ds reflects on da crowd n surroundngs she gru up n m sho everybody around her z as small minded as she z. Way 2go u dumb disrespectful biatch ova a tweet uve lost millions

  8. Disgusted says:

    We South Africans should be the LAST to pass racist remarks, I mean we lived with apartheid and its a really &%+^= thing. Then here we have them %%&// like Jessica passing racist remarks. Wont we ever learn from our past!!!!! Isnt it a crime to use words like that in SA???

  9. Lpt says:

    I dont really know what to say to Jessica leandra,but i believe she now knows she’s the skunk of our country.she must go get brains.

  10. mandela says:

    Africa has a bigger/nigger problem. No african country is part of the G8. so blacks aren’t that smart after all.

  11. Angel says:

    Oh dear.
    Do people not think before they speak? And what about the other one who climbed into her on Twitter and was just as racist in the process!? Unreal.
    And then their farcical apologetic-kiss-and-make-up session was a laugh too.

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