I’ve switched from Blackberry to iPhone

It’s a 3Gs, not 4.  I’m still keeping my BB as a back up.  Don’t slay me, please.  Jeebiz, I just need help not a religious sermon from the BB fans.

I have a few questions, would you mind helping out please?

  1. Best browser app
  2. Best apps you couldn’t live without
  3. Anything you think I need to know about
  4. How the eff do you use USSD menus on iPhone?

That’s all I can think of for now…

Yay! New phone!


  1. sleepyjane says:

    The obvious one: Twitter for iPhone.
    I’m really liking ToonCamera.

    Fun tip: You can download ringtones from Audiko.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks B. Cheque is in the post 😉

    1. The standard Safari app. No other browser apps out there AFAIK
    2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for iPhone, Whats App, News24, 2OceansVibe App, Google, Runkeeper Pro (Great app even if you don’t think you will ever use it, it is free till end of Jan, usually $9.99), Angry Birds, Dropbox, WordPress, Hipstamatic…. So much of choice 🙂
    3. Sign up for a US iTunes account !! NB !! NB !!
    4. Go into phone -> Keypad, and use as normal. Reply button is in the top right

    Welcome to the club 😉

  3. MeeA says:

    I’m quite happy browsing with Safari on my iPhone.
    As far as apps go, I’m about as clueless as you are. I have Twitter for iPhone and am looking into WhatsApp for now…

  4. cath Jenkin says:


    So, like, you have an iPhone now, and your boyfriend has an Android phone. I’m waiting for the first fight about it. It’ll happen. Call me when it does, NOW THAT YOU HAVE A PHONE THAT ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKS.

    aka. call me, bitch.

  5. Shebee says:

    Thanks for your help, everyone 🙂 I am miles away from where I was yesterday in the ignorance department – although still have a lot to learn.

    Cath, bite me. I don’t have airtime on purpose – you KNOW how much I hate phone calls!

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