I’ve found a new danger

Online shopping.  Oh dear, my bank balance may be in danger.  I’ve just spent the better half of today shopping online – what a fantastical idea!  No more squishy change rooms, no dodgy basket-piling to hide my underwear, I’m in heaven!

I mean, I’ve heard of people buying used mercedes for sale online, I’ve even heard of people finding love online.  Hell, I found two of my ex-flatmates online.  But this online shopping concept is the devil’s kind of fuckery, isn’t it?  Jon would agree, I know he would.  In fact, I’ll probably find out just how much the minute he reads this post.  Hi love 🙂

But clothes and shoes and belts and underwear, this could be a serious problem, people.  Bang goes my salary, but have a look at these stunning items I’ve just gone and ordered:

Love.  Absolute love.  Do you shop online?


====== UPDATE======

So I wrote this post on Thursday last week and by Friday morning 11am my stuff arrived from Mr P online.  Not only was it all there, but it was all correct, packed beautifully and it came with a returns slip just in case of any problems.  In my case there weren’t any, thank goodness.  But if there had been, I could have easily sent the items back with the courier, ticked off the reasons and within a day or so they’d replace the items or refund me.  Unreal!  I really am so impressed, guys.

Also, one shop I didn’t mention was Antique Fusion Jewellery, which allowed me to order this beautiful ring:

My gran left her 100 year old wedding ring to me in her will and I’ve been wearing it for years, but there are a few issues I had with it:

  • It is very thin
  • It is made up of aluminium, silver and yellow gold, making it patchy in places
I’ve been looking and looking for something that would go with the ring without taking away it’s unique ‘antiqueness’, so what better way to do this than incorporate a stack ring, made from silver, with a 9ct yellow gold heart.  The result is what you see above and Jon has convinced me to order another one to get an even better effect of having two hearts.
Oi.  Online shopping.  It’s just too easy.




  1. Cath says:

    I hate you. I went through a phase where this was how I did EVERYTHING. it was awesome. Even getting the groceries felt like presents for me!!!

    I stopped it though, and you know why 😛


  2. Mia says:

    I love online shopping. Have not done a lot of clothes shopping, but books and CDs – bring it on. Yes, I still buy CDs, because I love receiving a brown package and tearing through the bubble wrap, cellotape, cellophane etc. Now, about that bank balance…

  3. MeeA says:

    I’ve been looking at things to buy online. And looking and looking and looking. But so far I’ve managed to keep myself on this side of financial ruin by not buying the things I look at. Otherwise I just might land myself in a spot of trouble…

  4. Melanie says:

    Online shopping is extremely dangerous! I’ve only ever bought books and DVD’s online, but I quite like the idea of shopping for shoes and clothes without standing in queues or getting irritated in crowded stores. Just one question…what happens if they don’t fit? Are you able to send it back? I know that sometimes my shoe size differs depending on the shop I go to.

    • Shebee says:

      My clothes arrived on Friday and they all fit perfectly. If they hadn’t, Mr P delivered the package with a returns slip & I don’t think they charge to collect the returns.

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