I’ve dined with a butt-ugly bat!

Today was a fantastically tiring journey of travel.  The drive up to the Drakensberg was long, and I mean LONG.  The roads were windy, potholed, cow riddled and schoolkid filled.  I was SO relieved to finally arrive at the Champagne Castle.  It is breath taking here. 


During the 5 course dinner tonight, Tiff laughed her ass off when I was nearly attacked by a bat in the dining room.  I, of course, handled it with all my lady-like might.  NOT.  I screamed, swore loudly and almost dived under the table.  The granny at the next table’s eyes nearly popped out when she overheard my reaction.  I shamefully ate the rest of my dinner in silence, after going outside for a small smoke break.


Will be taking photo’s tomorrow to be posted here.  Make up and fancy clothes not included, batteries sold seperately, so don’t expect much. 


Right now I am typing this while sitting on the veranda watching a spectacular thunder storm over the mountain.  It is raining so hard I can’t even hear myself think.  I love rain and thunder storms. 


Thats it from me, I have a life to live, and its a Friday night – lemme get on with my girls weekend.  I’m dying for the massage I have booked for tomorrow.  Might just make it a full body with happy ending if its a sexy Korean dude.  Only teasing.

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