Its your turn to blush

Jaysus its been fucking emo around here lately.  You can all stop sulking with me now and leave some friggin comments already, okay?  I have a sprained neck and I’m on killer anti-inflams but I’m cheerier than I have been in a while.  Also, I got promoted at work.  Woop woop!

So, anyway.  Lets talk about embarrasing moments.  You have all read about mine here on this very blog, but I shall list my top 3 for you anyway.  Then I want to hear about yours.  Come on, its only fair since you lot have had the pleasure of laughing numberous times at my expense:

  1. Ryan Kankowski (my future sperm donor and husbank) saw me trip and fall in the middle of a shopping center over here.
  2. I accidentally excremented and overflooded my friends loo over here.
  3. In a mistaken moment, I was convinced my car was being hijacked before my very eyes over here.

Now, leave a comment for me and list your top three.  Think about it.  Even one situation. Come on, I need some attention people, I’m feeling very unloved and need a giggle.



  1. SwissTwist says:

    Congrats on the promo honey!!! Well done!

    None of my shocking moments have been blogged, but the worst has to be when my mom walked in on my 1st hubby and me shagging – we were living with my folks at the time and she mistook ‘I’m coming’ for ‘come in’ when she knocked on our bedroom door! When I said ‘I’m coming’ I did mean that I’d be opening the door not uhm ^coming^. I nearly died, but then, so did she!!!

    Go ahead, laff!! 🙂

  2. Amy says:


    1. Because i didnt bother to wear any glasses or contacts to the pub, I walked into a glass window ( thinking there was nothing there ) , in front of probably 50 or 60 people. At this point i wasnt even tipsy, I just couldnt see!

    2. At the same pub, on a seperate night, I was dancing on the small, second level dance floor and, as more people got on it and started dancing i edged further and further to the left and…. fell off! Yes, I got danced right off the edge and landed on my big butt in the middle of some other dancing people…

    And thats all i can think of over breakfast….

  3. Stef says:

    LOL how did i miss the story about Ryan… ahhh man that is one of your best!!!

    all i will say is this…

    how are your neck Dave?

  4. Goblin says:

    1. I got paraletically drunk and passed out at a friends house…and then proceeded to wet the bed.

    2. Puked over a bar while there was some boys school after party going on there.

    3. Got drunk and told my best guy friend how much I loved him.

    And people wonder why I don’t really drink anymore….

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