It’s Wednesday Already?!

What the HELL has happened to my life?  I blink for a second and days go by.  Today was a good day.  David joined my team at aqua, we had back-to-back meetings, introductions, presentations, briefings, not enough coffee and way too little smoke breaks.  But it’s crunch time and I am so excited to have him on board, he has a mind of brilliance and a passion I’ve not yet seen met.

In other words, I’m just so fucking excited that I don’t have to carry all the weight by myself anymore. Hah.  Welcome to the rush ride, Dave, I hope we have many happy hours working together!


I stalled going up my driveway tonight.  It’s the first time I’ve come back to my place since Jon and I got back from Durbs on Sunday, with my new car.  Dude, in the Peugeot I could ram up my driveway in third gear, in the Citroen C2 (who shall be henceforth known as Jacob, thanks for the help!) I spluttered and puffed and wheezed and eventually stalled about a third of the way up the driveway, in FIRST GEAR.  Hahaha, FAIL!  I’m definitely going to have to practice the revs or something, I can’t be stalling left, right and centre, it’s not cool.  It’s just been so long since I’ve had a car less than 2L engines, it might take some time getting used to.

My mom spoiled me with almost a whole new bloody wardrope, I’m so lucky – she really does have the best taste in my kind of clothing.  Is that weird, that my mom knows my clothing taste better than I do?  Anyway, I’m having lots of fun mixing and matching my different outfits.  Brings out the girl in me.

By the way, for those of you who nominated me in this years blog awards, thank you.  We didn’t make it, I’m afraid.  But I don’t mind too much, I had my turn last year – this year, we’re voting for my bff ExMi.  So please click this link, fill in your email address at the bottom of the page and you will have automatically selected for most controversial blog.  After you clicked ‘Submit’ anyway.  One of the bitches needs to win and if it’s not me, it sure as hell better be her.  Ta!

Jon and I are going to Cape Town this weekend for a little rendezvous on Volvo’s account, woohoo!  We’re free on Saturday night though, anyone keen for a tweet up?


  1. David Alves says:

    Sheena, thank you so much for your steadfast reassurance and guidance today. My head is still spinning and I honestly cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

    Thank you for your belief in me.

    Dave (Wow…that sounded so gay.)

  2. Heidi says:

    W00t for Dave! What a great team you 2 will make… fucking scary… but awesome 😉

    W00t for a new car – doe you think this will make you a better driver? *ducks*

    W00t for ExMi in the Blog Awards – I’m voting every day and y’all better vote for SACricketBlog – ya’hear?

    Boo for not having seen you in forver – miss you bitches.

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