How We Met: Part 2

Cannot believe he's put up with me for this long!

This is a continuation from my last blog post.  Read the first half here.


Two nights later, he offered to pick me up to see Harry Potter together.  He remembered that during the road trip I had moaned about no one wanting to see it with me.  I spent hours sprucing up myself with make up and hair and tried on at least seven different out fits before he arrived.  Eventually I settled on a cool outfit with heels, make up, perfume and jewelry to boot!  So not me at all, but this was our first date – I had to impress!  I had to show off my Sheena brochure of awesomeness without flaws or weirdness.  I spent hours laboring over which clothing item said what about me.  I sprayed on four different types of perfume because I couldn’t settle on a scent that said “You want to smell this every day forever and ever.  You want me to have your babies and this scent will totally make it happen”.

When I think back now, I actually want to dig up a die-hole and sit in it with my head hung with embarrassment.  The hilarious part is that I know now, two years later, despite all four of the different perfumes I blasted all over my body, Jon has NO SENSE OF SMELL!  What’s more is that when he arrived, I immediately wanted to bash my head against the wall, because as dressed up as I was, he was totally the opposite.  He arrived in jeans, sneakers and a shirt.  WHAT?!

When he saw me, instead of the all-day-long imagined response he should’ve come out with, he opened up with “Shucks*.  You’re very overdressed.  I feel like a hobo”.

!!!!! Cue death, please !!!!

Jon will tell you now, shamefully, that he had no idea it was a date until he arrived to pick me up.  He also felt like a douche bag because HELLOOOO!  HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW?! Regardless, we had a cool night out.  And I obviously behaved well, because when he dropped me off at home, he also asked if he could take me out again.  On the second night, I wasn’t so cock-sure.  I didn’t know if this was a date thing, or just another night out with a platonic guy.  I was filled with doubt, confusion, insecurity and I didn’t want to overshoot again.  So I dressed down completely and threw on some sneakers, jeans and tied my hair up in a ponytail.

But this time Jon totally knew it was a date.  And yes, you can totally guess it, he picked me up dressed to the nines in formal pants, a button up shirt and smart shoes.  He got out the car and before he could say anything I buried my head in my hands and, just like a lady, opened my mouth a very loud and distinctive “FUCK!”.

[*Shucks – Jon’s replacement for any expletive.  He never swore back then, and still doesn’t do it often, and even when he does on the odd occasion, he swears like a five year old – with worry, self-doubt and an eye over the shoulder to see if the parents can hear him.  It’s one of his most endearing qualities.]

Despite our wardrobe malfunctions, the second date went well too.  So well that on the way back to the farm, my stomach butterflies exploded and vomited all over my liver when Jon reached over and held my hand.

Once I held his hand back, mine hot and sweaty and being held very still, I decided it was now or never.  “Okay buddy, you just made your move.  And while it’s about time, the next time we go out, let’s coordinate with the dress code because this is just getting ridiculous”.

Today, it’s officially been two years since, and we still coordinate dress codes, laugh like loons at our two “mis-dates” and when he holds my hand I still feel like I did back then; unforgivably lucky, and fiercely in love.

Happy Anniversary, Jon.  You rock my world.



  1. CC says:

    Awesome 🙂 And love that you included all these cute photos.

    It’s funny you guys seem so different yet go so well together, I think you compliment each other well from what I’ve read.

    Hope ya’ll have a special night tonight, what have you got planned???

  2. Angel says:

    Sheer awesomeness. Sheer absolute awesomeness. I LOVE that I can say I know and love you two as my friends!
    Happy anniversary Shebeeliciousness and Jon!!

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