Its official, im a cosmetic geek!

This is a post about how I spent an entire weekend with my internet friends and how much I loved it, yes, I know.

I’m not usually one of those ‘and-this-is-what-i-did-this-weekend’ bloggers, but for those of you who live under a rock plantation, this weekend was one of epic proportions in brilliance expectation, and having Suetjie, Vincealita, Briget (at long fucking last!), Cath, Moose & me all in one place at one time didn’t disappoint.

Pina’s at Cath’s with Suetjie, followed by Talita and Vince joining us after they’d driven through from the Ho Burg, Spigadoro’s at midnight on Friday with Vince and his lady which was totally divine (we didn’t make it to Mama Luciano’s due to too much verbal word swapping between the three of us and Cath and Sue, but Spiga’s took care of us just as well), Saturday morning breakfast at NSA Gallery (one of the best places in Debben, let me tell you) tweet up with everyone at Taco Zulus (sorry to the small couple who left in a hurry after we were making such a noise and randomly shouting “GWAT! GWAT! WAAAAAAHHH” across the table to each other, it’s a long story – don’t ask). Saturday night had me some chill time with the cow_grrrl in Cath’s flat. It was divine spending time in my old home again, felt like I’d never left, actually. I’ve been back for tea and stuff a couple of times, but a whole weekend? Cath, deal with this – you’re stuck with me for life dude. Because I loves you.

Vince and Talita are exactly as I imagined they would be. Honestly. Nothing about them surprised me in the slightest. Except maybe, Vince’s car is even cooler in real life than on faecesbook. Talita is bright and clever and beautiful and Vince is full of shit and funny and is very cool, even if it’s just because we share the same home town and school friends and parental profession by accident.

Briget – dude, we have to do lunch and people watch soon. Honestly. She’s such a hoot, blog, she really is. Loud and energetic and her car is too cute. She even has flowers on her aerial! You know her blog? It represents her to a tee! Blonde, bubbly, no nonsense and confident is B. It was lovely meeting your SexyG too. He’s even acquired himself two males who agreed to do the tranny spar race next year!

Suetjie, let me just put this out there, is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out. Seriously, beauty pageants have nothing on this chick. Even more rarely though, is that she has brainz, ambition and the admiration of those she leaves awe on her trail to personal satisfaction and success. In less than a year I have witnessed Sue grow individually, independently and overcome so many obstacles. She truly is such an inspiration and it was such an honour meeting her at last and having her in Little-Old-Me’s company and (horribly untidy) car.

All in all, an AMAZING weekend spent with such wonderful people who had me in stitches, tears (you bastard, I thtill thympathisthe, okay?) and generally just happy. One thing I did come to know about myself though, is that apparently I’m not nearly as insane as this blog makes me out to be. I’ve heard it before, but each person telling me that just brought it home a little bit further for me. Guys, what the fuck, I *am* just a girl you know, not some clown who has no tact, normalcy and/or common sense. I do know how to shut up sometimes…

Yes, yes, I know – who’m I kidding?

No but seriously, I am normal – honest.

Footnote: I just got to kick in a window* with my foot. Ha!

* No, not intentionally**

** I’m not even hurt*** though, bonus!

*** The window, however, is FUCKED!


  1. justBcoz says:

    Was divine 🙂

    Ummmm, Bee – your linkiepoop to my site is wrong.

    And thank you to you and Vince for my rocking Moral Fibre T-shirt, I love it …

    See you in 2 sleeps!!!


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