It’s official: I love Cape Town.

Although I’ve been to esCape Town many a time, I have never actually experienced it like I did this past weekend.  As I mentioned in last week’s post, Jon and I were flown down early on Friday morning by Volvo, for a Volvo Lifestyle Experience.  And what a lifestyle experience we had, let me tell you.

But of course not all roads are run smoothly, and being who I am it couldn’t have started without a few hiccups.  For instance, we sort of kinda missed our flight.  We got there exactly one minute after check-in closed.  After speaking to several SAA people, it was quite clear that even if we had stood on our heads and blown blue bubbles out of our arses, we would not be able to board that flight.  To add insult to our injuries, the flight was then delayed.  And they still would not let us check in.  ‘Annoyance’ is the mildest word I can actually think of to describe my mood at that point.  But then Jon made it all better.

Let me say this, even though I’ve said it before: in a crisis, my dearly beloved boyfriend is absolutely fucking useless.  His brain tends to stop functioning and his motor skills take over, all at once.  His hands flap, he stomps his foot, he frowns in between gasping air, and then he spins in circles.  All the while, making absurd comments, going red in the cheeks and his hair style never survives either, by the time the crisis has been sorted out, his hair literally stands on end.  Throughout all of this panic mode, Jon decided he was going to try make his way down the runway and fly to Cape Town by himself, through the medium of his flapping forearms.

Me, the ever present and calm girlfriend, full of sense and sensibility, sat down on the floor in the middle of OR Tambo airport, put my head back and laughed hysterically.  I then phoned my mother to tell her what Jon was doing and couldn’t even get the words out for giggling too much.  Eventually, fully recovered once more, Jon and I kissed, hugged, smiled and booked the next flight to Cape Town, a mere hour later than originally planned.  It was hilarious, and although I tease Jon relentlessly about this one little quirk in his personality, I love him so dearly for it.  I am never bored.

Anyway, so we get on the flight and arrive in Cape Town with a guy called Shaun from Volvo, who is waiting with a sign welcoming us, and hands over keys to this baby:

So Jon hops in the drivers seat, we chuck our bags in the back, and off we scoot, along the coast line of Cape Town to Hermanus.  Guys, I actually cannot even tell you how beautiful this place is.  Just look at this, and bear in mind that I have horrible photography skills, okay?

We stopped off at Hermanus’ Bientang Cave for a seafood lunch.  Wow.  Not the lunch so much, although that was fine (except for everyone laughing at me when I dived to the other end of the table once they’d accidentally put a plate of prawns RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!) but the views? And the fact that it’s a frikken cave, okay!?  That hangs over the ocean, with its very own Whale Caller.  This dude stands on the rocks and blows into a horn and whales come right into the bay, it’s amazing!

After lunch we swapped Volvo’s and Jon jumped all over their awesome little economic car, the Driv-e.  This thing is so rad, it actually switches off when you’re stopped and then starts again the minute you put pressure on the gas pedal.  Unreal!  We continued on our journey until we arrived at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and Forest Lodge.  There are no words!  Driving up the little narrow roads, it’s very misleading, I distinctly remember saying to Jon, “oh no, they’re making us stay in shacks!” and to my defense, that’s what it looked like, until we got to the top of the hill.

We were met with cascading water features, pebbles and stones, gorgeous nature and huge panes of glass boasting off the view.  Ushered to the deck, we had sundowners and watched the sunset while sipping on champagne chatting to the other Volvo guests.

I won’t lie, at this stage I was pretty exhausted already.  We made a short trek right through the nature reserve and followed the little path that said room number 27, and eventually landed in the most underrated chalet of all time.  Look, there was a view akin to a unicorn, Jesus and Chuck Norris having a three way and producing offspring, that level of awesome.  Plus there was a kitchenette, a four poster king sized bed, guest toilet, fire place in the lounge, a deck all along the front of the chalet, a pool, outdoor shower and then there was The Bathroom.  It had his and her basins, shower heads and a very large jacuzzi bath tub, which Jon and I had great amounts of fun swimming in.  Seriously.  I could swivel my whole self around in that bath and not even touch sides, it was rad!

Immediately after the bubble and candle light bath, I found the mini bar:

And Jon found the view outside of our little bubble of heaven known as The Bathroom:

Shortly after that, I found our bullcow.  Yes, a bullcow.  I took the liberty of calling him Hilo, due to his lopsided horns.  He was less than three meters in front of our deck at that stage, so I was safe enough to harass him with photographs and trying to speak cow;

“Mooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ve” didn’t seem to impress him much, I’m afraid.

Ok this post is getting on a bit now, so let me highlight for you what else we did this weekend:

  • Wine tasting.  Except I opted to swallow, not spit.  And the neighbouring dude heard me say this and nearly died laughing.  No amount of me exchanging feet could fix my faux pas.
  • Ate.  A lot.  All of it amazing, none of it wasted.  Some of it oooohed and aaaahed.  Like red bread, for instance.
  • Went whale watching AT SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING!!!!!  Oh, it was so worth it though, I absolutely loved it!  And I didn’t even puke, which was very nice.  Jon had a grin on the whole weekend.  I did too.
  • Saw four whales, a great white, a billionty seven seals and penguins
  • Stayed at Jon’s parents holiday home in Bantry Bay on the Saturday night, looked right onto the beach shore and heard seagulls for 24 hours, t’was divine.
  • Met BlindCripple & Byron Rode out for dinner at Quay 4 at the waterfront
  • Had the pina colada’s Suetjie introduced me to a few years back (yum!)
  • Drove a convertible!!! <- highlight.
  • Ate a prawn.  De-shelled though, and I couldn’t bring myself to touch it.
  • Laughed and spoke and sang and danced (circles around Jon) and loved every minute.
  • Went to a wine farm
  • Sat on a deck made of glass
  • Got chauffeured in luxury
  • Stopped at the most random shopping village in the world.  From crocs to feather dusters to wrought iron furniture to cheese to chocolate to ornaments to serviettes to birthday gifts, they had it all and then some more

Thank you Volvo, the Lifestyle Experience weekend was such a treat.  Truly.  Jon and I can’t remember the last time we felt so pampered and spoiled.

<- ritards.

For more photos, have a look at my Facebook profile, I’ll be loading up an album shortly.


  1. Lipglossninja says:

    Sounds like an epic trip! I have to say I identify with your boyf …. in a crisis I, too, behave in a similar fashion altho My Man doesnt find it quite as endearing as you do. LOL!

  2. Mam says:

    I want a Volvo Drive doesn’t it feel like a drive for your Mam when you climb in it? So when you hit the jackpot can you buy me one?

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