It’s Merry Kissmyarse time…

and with that, comes gift giving.  So, to announce the winner of my R250 Kalahari gift voucher giveaway, I will do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Clear my throat like this: “AHEM!”
  3. Open up the envelope (pronounced: onnn-va-lope)
  4. Squeal like a girl
  5. Take another deep breath
  6. And say, breathlessly, the winner is…….
  7. *drum roll occurs*
  8. CC!

WELL DONE!  I’m sure it was very taxing to write that comment and I’m pretty sure a child in Siberia starved while you took the time to sit at your computer and write it all out for me.  We here at take into consideration the effort, blood, sweat & tears it must have taken for it to all happen.  So take this gift, rub it all over your body and then keep reading my blog when you’re done.

In other news, Being Brazen is running a compo too.  She does this often though, but this particular one is my favourite so far.  Because I’ve just bought myself a MacBook and really need a new laptop bag, I’m entering by typing out this here sentence.

Etsy have some pretty cool stuff, yo.  Another thing I liked is this.  Oh my word, yummy.

Anyway, pop over to BB’s blog and enter for yourself 🙂


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