It’s hair raising, really.

This morning I woke up and noticed once again how wrinkly my hands are.  They’re so wrinkly, that I can move the skin around and make waves.  It’s very attractive, you guys.  Also, my forehead has waves.  Waves shown from frowning.  When I noticed them, I immediately frowned some more, and then tried to straighten my forehead out, which proved more difficult than you’d imagine.  Which made me frown MORE.

Worst of all:  I’m officially going grey 🙁


Not only is this offending little shit grey, but it’s RIGID AND STANDS UP RIGHT BY ITSELF.  If it wasn’t so mortifying, I would imagine that it was the start of my very own little glowing halo of goodness, sent to me by God for being so fantastic at life.

Except no.  It’s a grey hair that everyone keeps telling me not to pull out or it’ll be replaced by 5 more grey hairs.

Add to that, I’m going to be an actual “Mrs”  in 52 days, and suddenly I feel as old as I once perceived my Standard 5 English teacher to be.

Mortality is no longer as easy to ignore as it was a few years ago.  It’s very sad, really.



  1. Cc says:

    Quit your sniveling, I got my first grey/white when I was 12!!! Now at 33 I’m mainly grey, having black hair is awesome for white roots lol. Lol the halo remark was brilliant. As Louisa said, it’s a myth.

  2. MeeA says:

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think your grey hair is that uncommon at your age. I’m pretty sure that loads of fair chicks also have greys in their 20s but they just don’t show as prominently…
    Also, the odd grey equals bragging rights; You’ve lived and learned more than those girlies who don’t have any grey. 😉

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