It’s beyond me.

I’ve done a list of what and who and how I am.  This one is what and who and how I want it:

1.leave your ego behind for your friends, its not welcome here between the lines.  I shouldn’t have to spell it out every time.
3.use initiative and stop waiting for me to do it all.  What do you need from me to make you realize that you ARE awesome? For me, too.
4.I might be hard at times, but its only due to fear.  This shouldn’t deter you like it is.
5.don’t be so scared of me, my playing days are over.  I’m not out to own you either.
6.stop holding back your words, words are everything and so very important to me intentions are unclear.  I wish you’d fix this
8.stop with your ‘moments of insanity’.  Unless they ring true.  My heart strings can’t take much pulling.  Follow through.
9.Be a man.  I’m a woman, not your competition – follow your heart, and leave logic behind, just for once.’ve been burnt, so have I.  The beauty of it is, I have burn ointment.
11.My heart is here.  It’s ready.  It’s cracked, but still whole.  Are you brave enough to tough enough to take it on?
12.Go back to three weeks ago.  Thats the you that I likes.  A lot.
13.Will you know this is even about you?  It is.
14.I’m here.  
15.Claim it.
16.Claim me.
17.Claim us.
18.DO it quick, I’ve been impatient for too long.