It’s been a while since I posted anything remotely political.

The topic I’m about to embark on isn’t political so much as it is immensely sad. I’m sure you’ve heard, by now, of Jub Jub – the South African “celebrity” who diced his friend, lost control of their cars and basically flew into a group of children. During broad day light, while school kids where making their way home after a long day in class.

It’s confirmed that he was under the influence of alcohol and I’ve heard rumours that there was some cocaine mixed in there too. Five of the six children knocked over are now dead. Jub Jub has apparently been arrested and if Facebook and Twitter are anything to go by, there’s been a call for his support. I’m sorry. I beg your fucking pardon? His “support”? What in the fucking hell for?

In my opinion, this Jub Jub guy did not “make a mistake”. He made an informed, stupid fucking decision. A decision that will not only affect him, but six children and their families. He decided that it was a good idea, at 4pm in the afternoon on a school day, to race in a township. A fucking township. Where it is socially acceptable for people to be on foot just about 24 hours a day. Where animals roam free and the road works are mostly null-in-void.

He decided that all of that would be okay. But it wasn’t. Because now, five of six young children are dead. Their parents obviously devastated, probably didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye because, to my understanding, township life starts really early in the morning and parents catch taxis before the sun is up in order to get to the jobs that feed their families.

I feel sick inside. This man is calling for support? Forgiveness – that’s not my call. But support is, and he sure as hell will never have it. I think he deserves to rot in jail. He deserves all the bad publicity in the world. Yes, I’m being judgemental.

But the thing is, I know what its like to have a child ripped away from me through no fault of my own. I only wish that these parents find peace, after someone like Jub Jub is to blame for their innocent children’s deaths. It is so uncalled for.

It is so very, very sad.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Agreed – if you are dicing you are probably breaking the law (speeding & one car was most likely driving on the wrong side of the road if it was a ‘suburban’ road). AND driving drunk.

    So he does deserve to rot. He KILLED people FFS! So what if he’s a singer…Now we must support a killer cos he’s a celebrity?!?

  2. David Alves says:

    Technically, this should be grounds to warrant for the death penalty.

    Culpable homicide should have stricter sentencing to it. This story has made me sick, I actually refuse to blog about it because of how worked up I’ll get if I do…

    Anyway, thanks for the post Shee…was nice to read and not write.

  3. Nicole says:

    I am about to jump on your judgmental bandwagon and I don’t think it’s that judgmental either – if it is not crystal clear that what those two chops did was WRONG we are in deep shit.

    When you decide to act recklessly and without regard for the safety of those around you, because you’re famous, or drunk or high or whatever the fuck you are why should you have support? Support equates condoning that behaviour.

    The two of them don’t need death penalty imho (it will only heighten whatever warped sympathy they have in gen pop), but a long time to sit in a cell and think about – and be a bloody example of – how a stupid choice can muck everything up.

    Who condones, sorry “supports”, mowing down 6 kids because you want to have a bit of fun?? This cannot be one of those times where public standing influences consequence.

    Mini vent under control, somewhat… ugh, world is a strange place. My heart is sad for those who lost their son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin/friend in this tragic typical human cock up.

  4. MattJ says:

    This jubjub character doesn’t deserve support or forgiveness, but what I do hope is that he gets off free and the community sort him out with mob justice.

    4 kids lives cut short, terribly sad!

  5. flarkus says:

    Street Racers need to have the cars destroyed and sentenced to wash the corpses of accident victims at the morgue. There is zero justification for consciously putting innocent people at risk for the sake of your own fun

  6. Aasia says:

    fuck that! they need to haul his arrogant arse into court and sentence him. I can’t believe that some cunt would call for support.

    Sad doesn’t do this justice either

  7. CC says:

    I was incensed when I read about it yesterday, those poor school children and their families, because of two fucking assholes. They must be charged with murder. And I’d never heard of Jub Jub – what a stupid name – until Survivor, and apparently his chosen charity doesnt even exist, it was a trust run under that terrible woman Mama Jackie and has ceased. So he is a total waste of life, and it’s just sad that he and the other driver weren’t the fatalities instead of the kids.

  8. TeePOG says:

    What the world needs is a prisoner-exchange program. We send dumb fucks like this to Chinese “reeducation” camps and they send us the Chinese political prisoners who will truly appreciate every iota of the freedom we have left in South Africa.

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