It’s been a hard week, okay?

Fuckballs.  It’s been a hard week.  Last night I got home to find my gate refused to open.  I stood for half an hour fiddling with with and eventually got it to open just in time for me to shout a “FUCK YES!” in celebration and it stopped half way and closed again.  By this time, I was shivering in my bones, had a runny nose from the cold, starving in my ribs and just wanted heat and quiet time to finish off a presentation due early this morning.  Grumpy as all hell, I phoned Jon and begged him to let me come over.  He wasn’t even there, but by the time I used my key to open his front door, I immediately felt my body start to relax.

I indulged on some fried eggs on toasted cheese (shuddup, I know what you’re thinking.  I already said it’s been a hard week, diet shmiet!), changed into Jon’s PJ’s, grabbed my slippers and a blanket and curled up on his couch with my laptop and watched This Is It while putting the finishing touches to my presentation.

By the time he’d gotten home, the cats, my laptop, a couple of million blankets, pillows and I had taken over the lounge completely. Poor dude, is nothing sacred anymore?

I seriously think I’m burning out, hey.  And I am unbelievably home sick for my family.  Ridiculously so.  In fact, just about every time I speak to my mom on the phone I end up being all emotional:

Mom: So how’s the diet going?

Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *sniff*

Mom: It’s okay, you’re just having a bad day

Me: More like a bad life, you wontbelievewhatishappeninglatelyimsobusyandandandand…

Mom: Sheena-Laura, breathe!

Me: Sorry, so how are you?

Mom: Oh, well, the boys and I-

Me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Mom: oh for god’s sake, I’m booking you a ticket, you need to come home for a bit.

Me: I can’t, there’s no time – I’m too busy to lea- waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I’m a fucking basket case, yo.  Keeping me sane at the moment is my Jew, and my 3 bitches ExMi, Goose & Cath who all partake in 4 way email conversations full of awesome and laughter.

Also have my 4th weigh in tonight.  I was being all brave about it the other day with Jon, “yes I know we’ve had a bad week, but I’ll just tell her* that everyone is human and has bad week’s and she mustn’t dare bitch at me if I’ve picked up any weight this week.  I’m not scared of her” I said boldy.  Which was met with a pained look from Jon followed by his tiny voice “But, I am”.

Yeah, me too.  Me too.

* For a half pint Irish granny, she scares the bejesus out of me bru.


  1. Briget says:

    WTF is up with the gate?

    I am just glad you had the key to Jon’s place and the door didnt attack you or somesuch thing.. <-your luck is legendary 😉


  2. Alet says:

    I am starting the weigh-in thing in next month as well! I am a little scared and you aren’t helping 🙂

    Hope you get a weekend/ week off soon to get some quality time with your family!

  3. stalker says:

    Hey Sheen

    When I think of you I picture glowing happiness and career professionalism with love filled romantic weekends with Jon.
    You just ruined my painting thanks … I wish I could help you more but being a million miles away from anyone does not seem to help, the only thing that gets me through each day here is the bigger picture the one where I can give mum and dad some cash so they wont have to work so hard or being able to pay cash for a car when I get back. If I did not have those to work towards I would have been home ages ago!

    I love you lots my friend but sometimes its good to get it out and breath go see you mom when you can even if its for 1 day.

    wish I was home… love you be strong miss you lots and lots too.

  4. cath says:

    Cunt face, i miss you too much.

    Truth is, as you know, the email ping pong is keeping me sane this week too.

    Last night, i wished for the Shath. Shmooshy came round with a box of tens and I laughed out loud and said “aish, babe, i havent seen one of those in years”.

    It was simpler then, it was not simpler then.

    At least we both have people to spoon other than each other?


    Much love
    Your non-scissoring sister x

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