It’s all so very different.

Waking up to a burglar thief in the form of a geese is never fun.  Or funny.  Especially not when my cat gets a fright and clings to my boobs with its claws for comfort and then launches itself at the fowl ten times its size and I have to leap out of bed, semi naked, find a broom and chase the horrid thing out of my cottage.


Another thing that is fully new is fires.  Fires, everywhere.  Just the other day I came home from a coffee date in Fourways to see the road opposite our front lawn raging in flames.  There’s something unforgettable about hearing the snapping of flame licks against the earth, almost in time to whatever animal’s heart is breaking over their now burnt down home.


Jax came rushing through to my place on Friday night and merrily laughed at me (along with the new male friend I had over) because I thought grabbing a hose pipe was the way to put out any potential fires to my thatched roof.  Apparently its not.  Apparently you have to swat it with a rubber mat thingie they keep in a shed.  Apparently it can take hours.  Apparently you have to wet your shoes too so you don’t sponteineously combust yourself.  Apparently I now have a fear of fire too, to add with my much laughed about phobia of fish (shut UP, Richard!). 


Underwear.  Nothing you wear here is warm enough.  I layer myself with undies, vests, stockings, tights and socks.  What I really want are those fingerless gloves so my poor little hands don’t freeze off and die.  Just call me Madonna.  Even now as I type this my hands are burning they’re so cold.  I’ve started to walk around with my heater in hand and plug it into whichever wall has electricity while I make tea / smoke / talk shit.  It’s ridonkulous.  And yes, I KNOW WINTER HASN’T EVEN HIT YET.  You people from Phlegmteng seem to think that comforts me somewhat.  It doesn’t.  Fuckers. 


My god I miss my home city.  I miss my mom.  I miss my brothers and my friends.  I miss the sun!  I miss the beach!  It’s amazing how we only realise what we have until we don’t.  Not that I’m saying I want to move home.  Not yet – ask me in a week.  I’m just home sick a lot more than I expected I’d be.  Considering that I’ve been out of the family home for years you’d think I would be used to it by now, but it just seems so far from everyone who knows me.  Maybe its because I’m in the middle of nowhere and confused about so many things lately.


Okay.  Enough rambling, I’m off to look out for fires and find my heater. 



  1. snappingturtle says:

    fingerless gloves at woolworths!!! they R60.
    i bought a black/grey striped pair… and there were colorful stripey ones too.

    are you against ALL gooses? even snowgooses?? 🙂

  2. Po says:

    You sound pretty much like me, only I am a few thousand kilometers further away. Winter is overrated, innit?

  3. kittiegurl says:

    There’s a Hang Ten shop in Northgate… Also, Edgars has fingerless gloves with silver sparkly thread =)
    Fingerless gloves have saved my hands many times! They are the most awesomest things ever made!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Can you put things on the walls? Seriously, those panel heaters work like a bomb in rooms. Put one in each room under the window.
    Also, get a gas heater, don’t mess around with any other type.
    If you can, put a bathroom heater into the bathroom, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

  5. TotallyCooked says:

    pull yourself together dearie
    now Bloem is cold
    this is only pretending

    big girl panties is all I’m going to say –
    big girl panties

  6. stalker says:

    I know how you feel but be strong it works out… at least till something even more exciting comes up!

    I love you lots and lots pumpkin pie


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