It were a Debonairs, bru.

I’m going on holiday until the 5th with my favourite people in the world.  We are going to a paradise place much like Mauritius, on a smaller scale.  There will be fish.  Eek.  But there will also be sun, sand, sexy men and lots of coctails. 

I leave in the morning.  I’m so excited – I need a bit of a reality break.  I also need something else, but I won’t say what on here.  Guys – I’m taking a blogging hiatus.  I’ve had enough drama for a while, and the fun has sort of stopped, so I think I should too. 

I will be back I’m sure, you know me – I always have something to say.  Like now, I’m about to share with you a story only possible with me:

I’m now at a net cafe.  Next door is a Spec Savers, cleaning my glasses and putting a new thingie on the thingie that goes on my nose.  I am half blind, and half blurry.  I walk into what I thought was a net cafe place and ask them to please point me in the direction of a PC so I may check my emails.  It was a debonairs pizza parlour.  No wonder it smelt so good.  I’m still blushing.

Alright.  Keep it real.  You know I will.


  1. angel says:

    enjoy your break shebeelicious. don’t be gone too long if you can help it.
    praps debonairs should set up a few pcs for interweb play, eh?

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