It was our Trannyversary last night at 27Dinner

Photo credit: @Jenty [click on the image to see more]

Photo credit: Jenty: click on the image to see more

I’m pretty lucky when it comes to me not being a big drinker, when I do drink it doesn’t take much to get me pickled.  Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t take much for me to feel it the next morning either.  More unfortunately for me, I didn’t drink “much” last night… I drank a metric fuck-ton!  Oh my hairy ball sack.  So hung over.

It was the anniversary of mine, Goosey’s & Exmi’s first 27Dinner together.  The one where ExMi and I came out of the interwebs and into real life as a whole, not just for a few select people.  It was also the first time that the girls at the back of the bus really realised that we’d be friends forever and ever Amen.

Sitting at my desk now (the fact that I’m here before 9am AMAZES me) thinking back I vaguely remember the following:

  • Meeting a black dude called Dave, and saying “hey, I’ve never met a black Dave before!”
  • Strangely, he wouldn’t shake my hand after that 🙁
  • Talking to our new friend Mike Sharman and him staring at the three of us and I just knew he was thinking ‘wow, they really are this bad together’.  This was directly after Goose had just done a down down with a double barrel drink (see photographic proof here) and ExMi had laughed so hard she spat her drink onto her specs.  Which were on her face.
  • ExMi’s boss of awesomeness admitted to reading her anal blog post.  Haaa haaaa haaaa!
  • We got shooshed during speeches.  Again.  And received snarky comments on Twitter like “@randomperson you’re looking for the toilet? Follow the snorting at the back and turn left”
  • I had to use a toilet on wheels.  And squatted cos the water was blue.  And peed on my leg.  And shouted all of this through the door to ExMi who was snorting at my running commentary the whole time
  • Ran into a giant vitamin water circle graph thing.  I hope it’s not as damaged as I was
  • Had garlic and breathed over everyone to make sure it really was as bad as they said it was
  • Found a kiff badge that said “show us your vits!”
  • Considered calling Jon at midnight to come over for a… cuddle
  • ExMi’s boss told me doing so would be rather rude
  • Posed for a million photos with my bitches to replicate the dodgy blurred one from last year
  • Laughed so hard my tummy is still sore this morning
  • Got home and fell over when opening my gate
  • Tripped up the stairs
  • Put my slippers on backwards and snored myself awake an hour later
  • I’m such a lady

A good night.  Really.  Am so glad I have such brilliant friends who are as insane as I am.  And more thankful that I’m only working until 12 today so I can spend the afternoon taking train rides to Loftus to see another Feefa Whirled Cup game, followed by dinner and then a midnight premier of Eclipse tonight.  I’ll be broken tomorrow, but I’m working from home – yay!

Good times.


  1. The Stuart says:

    Kraaist, and I thought my totally sober and in no way trashed on vodka and Mountain Jew misadventures were bad. Ok they are but you three are officially the female versions of my Adventures Club

  2. cath says:

    Miss you, fuckbitches. Hit me up on the email technologies and let’s flustercuck the gossip, yes?

    love you. big. x

  3. stalker says:

    I am so glad you having a ball in JHB. I am so glad you have a blog, without it I would be lost and more out of touch than ever! I miss home sniff, sniff! I still have no news on the job and I am missing everyone and everything including your potato brown onion soup thing 🙁 oh wait let me just go have some more rice or noodles blah!!

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