Is South Africa Taking Over The World?

It hit me like a blinding flash of brilliant light in my retina on the way to work this morning, while 5fm played the new unofficial FIFA 2010 Soccer Song called Hello Africa, which is awesomely mixed between Rasta & Funk.  South Africa is conspiring to take over the world.

On Wednesday night as Jon and I lay in bed we watched an illegal copy a “friends” copy of 2012 and at the end [spoiler alert] the whole of humanity was saved as the Arks sailed to a tiny little place called (in a very thick American accent) “The Drackensborg, Kwo Zooloo Notal“.  Jon and I had a huge kick out of that and chuckled quietly to ourselves.  South Africa saves the day!

But that’s not all.  What about Sharlto Copley?  You know – The Sweetie Man from District 9.  God I loved him and the way he screamed “Fokken prawns!” throughout that movie – he instantly became my new life hero.  Well, now the dude is set to become Murdock in The A-team.  Awesome!

Winnie Mandela’s movie is going to be a hit apparently, and then of course there’s also Invictus – who is starred by Matt Damon & Morgan Freeman.  It’s all just a big cover I think – because not only is South Africa rocking Hollywood [Charlize Theron aside] but now we’re hosting FIFA 2010 too.

I’m telling you, okes, we’re headed for big things.  Even America is copying us now what with having a black president and all.  The rest of the world is just a big fat wannabe.

Needless to say, this makes me very proud and excited to be a South African.  I can feel it in my bones, and it makes me smile.  We’ve overcome so much – and our heritage is finally paying off.

Is South Africa taking over the world?  I really think so.


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