Indiana Jones meet Cat In The Hat.

indiana jones meets the cat in the hat

Oh boo, this is the only photo of me in The Cat In The Hat outfit.  Next to me is my boyfriend person, dressed as Indiana Jones.  They didn’t even get his whip in man, what a fail.  And trust me, the whip was awesome.  But so were my 3/4 black suspender stockings.  And how’s the moleymoleymole type zit on my chin on the right there?  Yussie, boet. But hey, they had balloons.  Had to get those in there, right?  Riiiiiight. Anyway, CC – this photie is for you honey, since you keep nagging about it.  Sorry its not a full length one so you could perve over my luscious curves.  Hee hee.

My mom landed in Hoburg this morning.  Tonight we’re having dinner and after years and years of hearing about them, she gets to meet The Anglug.  I am SO frigging excited. Also, cos she’ll be here a few days which means I get to have a decent pedicure again.  She’s taken it upon herself to do a course on how to give permanent make up tattoos.  Only my mother.  Not sure who’s going to go for it all the way down there on the South Coast, but whatevs.  Next thing she’s doing is body piercing, I’m told.  If my mom comes home to tell me she pierced some oke’s willy, I’m disowning her.  Swearious.

Anyway.  So yay – I get to see my mommy for a few days 🙂


  1. CC says:

    Awww thanks man 🙂 cool pic, pity they only took one, annoying huh, well there’s always next years party 😛
    you looked really nice.

    I was thinking of getting permanent make up tattoo to fill in my eyebrows….not sure though. it’ll all come in handy one day, you must be glad your mom is learning all this stuff, you’ll benefit from it 🙂 just dont let her wax your eyebrows again 😛

  2. Shebee says:

    CC – my mom is looking for guinea pigs hey, aren’t you in durbs? if you’re prepared to drive out, she’d do it for you.

    Jon – snort. Shoosh you.

  3. Angel says:

    I don’t understand what it is with the photographers not getting full length shots- especially when its a dress up!
    You both look fantastic!

    It was so awesome to meet your mommy darling at last.

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