In which I reveal a cat (out of a bag)

Isn’t it funny how once a long time single girl becomes not exclusively single anymore, other dudes start taking notice?  Its weird.  Almost overnight I have (unwanted) attention from one male in particular and have noticed a lot more flirtation from others.  Is it me?  Do I smell funnier than before?  I mean dudes, calm down, I’m just DATING someone.  We aren’t in a relationshit or nuffing.

I have a new phone.  Its white and fast and funky.  More importantly it allows me to download applications that actually work. Amazing, right?  The other phone is miraculously still alive (for a change) and didn’t need to be ridden over / flushed down the loo / thrown off the balcony in order to be replaced like the other ones this year, I just liked this one better.  Does that mean what I think it does?  Are my clumsy moments getting fewer and further in between?  I hope so.  Even though, as we left my apartment block on Monday night, I tripped over my left foot and almost went flying over the walkway. 

Also, since most of you know anyway, I’m going to Australia for a holiday in the next few weeks or so.  Woop, woop! So there.  Week of letting cats out the bags, this is turning out to be.  I need to go find some coffeeeeeeee.



  1. shebee says:

    Um, no. You’ve just given me an idea for tomorrows post.

    And sorry for yourself. I’M GOING ON A HOLIDAY! YAY!

  2. jjza says:

    Maybe that’s just human nature? When something / someone is available then there is less direct motivation to act, its something you can get around to eventually. Introduce a little competition and some scarcity and then the motivation levels move up to another level. mmmm

  3. jjza says:

    🙂 Meant each short word of it. After reading that post had to go back and read in your archives to understand it all, I should have just read the “about me” bit, probably would have understood from there, but wouldnt have been the same experience then. Think it is the mark of an amazing person that they can come through so much and still be positive about life and enjoy the humour and beauty of it.

    It would be an interesting experiment. Make up an um-friend and see if there is an uptake in interest?

  4. shebee says:

    Thank you. Generally, if you could go round with a billboard with those words and my photo – I’d be a pretty popular chick.


    Let me know how the experiment goes, will you?

  5. jjza says:

    lol. Experiment on hold for a while. I have an um-friend. Gimme 6 months then we see 🙂

    Billboard, photo, ya think the guys actually read the words ?

  6. shebee says:

    Yeah, because they’d think you were rallying support for an insane asylum and I was the mascot.

    People are kind like that.

  7. Stef says:

    a white cellphone?
    now THAT is dorky mwhahahahahahahaha

    unwanted male attention??…
    oh come on… unwanted? seriaaaaaaaaaaaaas?

  8. shebee says:

    JBC – Eros. Rose. Da Vinci ruined that expression for me…
    Also, thats an odd statement. COuld you imagine if men walked round all day smelling our ferremones or whatever. Sis! I feel like I need to be spayed right now!

    Stef – LOL. One word: Halitosis.
    And then, my phone are not being dorky! White is the new black, dontchaknow?

  9. shebee says:

    “People give off substances called Ferramones and these are given off most strongly in cases of sexual attraction. Its a composition of chemicals within the body that produce a different smell in some people.”

    Google is so clever, if it were a man I would allow him to park his shoes under my bed anyday of the week.

  10. angel says:

    there’s no such thing as unwanted male attention- gotta second sweets on that one! i get a lot of attention from men on ladders looking down at my cleavage for some reason… they tend to change the same lightbulb over and over again

  11. expensivemistakescheapthrills says:

    ooh careful. the last time you said your bags were packed and you were ready to leave for australia you started a shit storm.

    so tell us more about this guy you are ‘dating’…..!

  12. shebee says:

    Well fuck me, who knew I had such little spelling bees reading my blog! Sorry, guys. pheromones it is, then. But for the record, not even google corrected me!

    Exmi – yes, I know it caused a shit storm which is why I’ve kept this so flipping quiet. But a holiday is a holiday and not a trait to my country, so there 😛

    Angel – I really am super duper excited, but also apprehensive on missing out on a few things here at home.

  13. expensivemistakescheapthrills says:

    lol. i’m such a stickler when it comes to spelling things right. sorry for going all school marm on you!

    enjoy the holiday. just dont bring any ozzies home with you, kay?

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