In which I muffle myself.

Hmrf emsf trim fumrf hemph oomfr!

That’s me muffling myself from some big news.  I’ll burst shortly, I just know it.  Stay tuned for details 😉

I’ve been dreaming of presents, guy.  Last night was the GHD.  For those of you that don’t know what a GHD is (and I mean you Cow_grrrl) it stands for Good Hair Day.  I could totally do with one of those, everyday.  The night before last I dreamt someone serviced my car.  Every other night this past week I’ve dreamt of a GPS.

My birthday is coming up.  On the 23rd of August.  I really want a GPS, I’m just sayin…  A GHD would be divine too, and servicing my car but lets not be greedy.


  1. SwissTwist says:

    sorry to do this to you .. but I just luuurrrvvveee my GHD.. did you see the new range in black and white?? oh oh and the pink one!! sigh..

    Spill on the news.. we wanna know!

  2. Stef says:

    every day is a good hairday baby! i have short hair so it’s really not difficult… hehe

    when are you due to pop?! 🙂

  3. MsBehavn says:

    Chick. I’d definitely give you my spare GPS. You’d have to do something pretty damn incredible for me to even let you SHARE my GHD 😛

  4. justBcoz says:

    AAAAH!! “Good Hair Day” … mmk, cow_grrrl gets it 🙂

    Damn! I HATE when people do this – my curiosity just can’t take it …

  5. expensivemistakescheapthrills says:

    haha. I had this conversation with Caz a while ago.

    I have naturally dead straight hair. I dont even own a hairdryer.

    I wash.

    It dries totally straight.

    How much do you hate me?

  6. shebee says:

    Angel – bleh. I hate you too.

    JBC – hear this >…< its the sound of pennies dropping 😉

    Exmi – Bitch.

    Guy – hello my lovely! Guys don’t stress about it the way we do though… its a different kettle of fish altogether.

    Cath – don’t hate the player, Homie, hate the game.

    Why exactly do you hate me, though?

  7. justBcoz says:

    @EMCT – me too, dead friggin’ straight hair. I never dry it in summer, but I have to dry it in winter ‘cos its so long and takes forever on its own. But drying it is SUCH a mission – it takes ages, so this GHD looks like it may be a real time-saver … apparently it dries hair supa-fast!

  8. shebee says:

    JBC – omg. you guys are meant to be nice to me on my blog! not brag about perfect hair!

    Gluggie – you shoosh, you!

  9. Ches says:

    Dude, BTW, what on earth is my comment icon?

    It looks like a penis, on a spring, with bat wings, and a zip down the side!!!

  10. shebee says:

    Ches – Nope, still hanging on by a thread.

    Ches – hahahaha it only shows up for you, so you’ll have to claim it.

    Guy – I would rather say an alien version of Sponge Bob square pants.

    Ches (again?!) – Mmmm. Nope, still going with my idea of Sponge Bob hey.

  11. shebee says:

    Paul – I have just heard news that a GPS in on the way to me.
    Put that in your hairy gonzalez and smoke it.

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