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Dude, you’re the eternally single female, what do you mean you have a boyfriend?!

This was a retort from one of my best guy mates.  He’s shocked that I have the ability to actually be someone’s girlfriend.  Lets face it though – I am too, okay.  But it’s so simple and funnily enough, it has come so easily.  A mutual friend of Jon and I (the same person we met through, actually) asked me the other day how I was coping – knowing my phobia for anything regarding commitment – and it was without hesitation that I answered, “its fabulous actually”.  And it is.

Now if only everyone else could swallow their shock / horror / incredulity, that would be awesome.  It gets a bit monotonous restraining myself physically when I’m being accused of joking about being in a relationship.  Yes, I’m unsingled, get over it already.  Sheesh, it’s only been a few years, not like I’m one of those spinsters sitting at home on my shelf with a million cats… oh, wait. Shuddup!

I will admit, there have been one or two changes.  For one, I’m shaving my legs a lot more than I used to.  Also – he’s pretty A-type and likes to plan ahead.  So not me, as you all know.  The other day I found myself making arrangements THREE MONTHS IN ADVANCE! Unheard of, really.  Also – I now have a planner / calendar thingie.  And its amazing how quick these things tend to fill up when they’re not just pouring out of the sphincter that is my sometimes brain.  Like, for instance – we have something planned at least one day every weekend for the next couple of weeks.  Which helped me when I wanted to suddenly book a ticket to Durban next weekend.  Who would’ve thought being whoreganised would actually be useful?!

So anyway – whats next? It’s officially official and stuff, but apparently its not until Facebook says so.  Eeek! Haven’t done that in years.  And the last time I did the dude died the next day.  Don’t wanna jinks this one.  I’m quite fond of him really, it would suck a lot if he went the same way…

As an aside – I’m curious:  what’s the most awesomest thing to ever happen to you romantically?  Tell me your secrets, guys. You can find conveniently placed barf bags under your seats, compliments of SheBee Unsingled Inc.  And, go!


  1. cath says:


    The last person you had a relationship with on Facebook was TO ME and we were married LOL

    and, heh, im very, very alive. so you’re good to go. I think. Maybe I broke the spell or suchlike 😛


    okay, im finished shouting kthxbi


  2. Briget says:


    Do the Facebook Thing!!

    I had to CREATE a profile to have a relationship with SexyG cos he refuses to facebook and I COULDNT stand being in a relationship with no-one.. see?

    So …uhm… DO the FACEBOOK thing!!

    ….because U can!

  3. Amy says:

    Let me just reiterate, in case you didnt hear it from everyone else – do the Facebook thing.

    Also, the most romantic thing thats ever happened to me ? A guy i had been out with two days before sent a bunch of flowers to my work, with a note saying he;d had a good time. Pity that two dates after that i worked out he was completely juvenile and it was like dating my younger brother…

  4. Laura says:

    hahaha do the Facebook thing – I have NEVER done it – like EVER since I have been on FB – could probably challenge your eternally single crown there ;-p

    Most romantic thing – mmm well there was this boy who told me on date one I was prettier than I remembered and then said it nearly every time I saw him 🙂 Even the night he broke up with me while I was crying he said “you are prettier than I remember”

    Doesnt sound all that romantic but he was a special one ;-p

  5. MsBehavn says:

    Dude, do the facebook thing. I’ve been refreshing your page like crazy hoping to be the first to congratulate the happy couple 😛

    Hmm romantic-est thing …

    My bf surprised me with a flight down to Cape Town to spend a weekend with him at the Spier Wine Estate – in winter. We curled up on the couches outside at Moyo, drank copious amounts of wine in front of the fire and spent lots of time in and out of our suite.

    It was awesome. And hasn’t been repeated *sigh*

  6. SwissTwist says:

    OMG Sheena, I’m so happy and excited for you!!!! And congrats to the Mystery Man (who I’ll be sure to check on FB as soon as you name and shame him!!!!)

    DO THE FB THING!! and enjoy every single loved-up moment!

    One romantic moment with Mr Twist was on our 3rd or 4th date; we went to a rather elegant restaurant in north JHB and they had red rose petals sprinkled on the white table clothes. Before the main course I got up to go to the ladies, powder my nose and all that, walking back to the table the waiters were giving me these cheesy grins – as I sat down, in between my cutlery was a beautiful heart out of rose petals that Mr Twist done for me! I literally melted on the spot (still have those petals pressed in a book too!)

  7. BlindCripple says:

    Don’t do the facebook thing. (C’mon, someone had to be different right?)

    I’ve never done anything romantic. I’m boring, and lacking in all that. (again, different, k?)

    But the long term single thing will go on for me at least. I’ll carry the flag for you…

  8. Ches says:

    I say if it’s official with you…then does facebook really matter?

    I don’t know what the right thing to do is…

    …but so nice to hear you’ve met someone great…even if it are A-type.

    And keep those legs – and sundry – smooth Sheebs. 😉

  9. ExMi says:

    “The BF” – is mine and trademarked. fuck off and think of your own name for your SO.

    and kiss my ass. relationshits rock.

    now get over it.


  10. flarkus says:

    Were you perhaps in Houghton yesterday morning? I saw someone from a distance with a cap like yours and a similar hairstyle. Was too afraid to run over and greet them, incase it wasn’t you! 🙂

  11. Shebee says:

    ExMi oh please man, you didn’t create the term BF or chicks the world over wouldn’t know what to do with their “omg, my bf is ftw!’s”. Bite me. Besides, I said his name up there anyway. You suck for cancelling Saturday.

    Flarkus – nopes, good thing you didn’t babe – wasn’t me.

  12. Angel says:

    Darling Sheena… I have had so much romance in the last 20 months- hot air balloon ride, weekends away, date nights- so I’ll just refer you to my blog. Okay?

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