In which I ask your profession.

Hi, my name’s Sheena.  And I’m a workaholic.

By day I work for a Maritime company as the Logistics Executive.  Basically its a fancy title for HR Slave and recruiter of commercial divers.  I help give them jobs, ensure their visas are in order, that they have enough toothpaste in their hotel rooms and that their wives don’t know about their girlfriends and vice versa.  It’s desperately monotonous.  But comfortable.

I had this thought.  It involves all of you.  You guys know so much about me, but most of you I know nothing about.  Like, for instance, I know that Cath is the IT manager for HIVAN.  And that Megan is a lighting technician up somewhere in Kloof.  And that ExMi is a law student and full time mother.  I know that Steve fixes um… technical issues?  And that Justin is the marketing dudie for Private Property.  Also, never forgetting my long time readers Glugs who runs his own call centre and his divine soon-to-be pregnant fairy, Angel, who works for a large corporate.

Of course, there are the others, the lurkers.  Talfer who draws for a living, Seth who flits around doing nothing really, ESVL who lives off his porn blogs (joking, darling) and Po – the scientist.

But what about the rest of you?  What do you do when you aren’t in my computer? Lets network, baby!


  1. Laura says:

    I have the most sought after job in the WORLD!!!!!!!!

    I am the Regional Admin Manager for a Sales and Technical Team for a large financial institution!

    It pays the bills and passes the time!

  2. angel says:

    i actually work for a small (as in 15 people) consulting firm, and we’re contracted to a couple of large corporates… we have email addresses with them to make it easier for our clients to find us- which is why i sometimes mail you from a “large corporate”

  3. SheBee says:

    1. Laura I think if admin is your thing, then yes – it’s an awesome job. But what I want to know is, are the men sexy?

    2. Angel – oh! Hmmm. All these years and you’d think I’d know that by now, huh? I got your company mixed up with your brothers for some reason, though. Silly me. Tell us about your wedding planning company too!

    3. Fake_Name – ha! How bout that, I live with an Engineer too. They’re desperately frustrated in my opinion. Kidding. My skin is getting there, thank you. I didn’t need to go the Bentley-Phillips route after all.

    4. Stevie, ahhhh. Sorry. I hit a blank when I posted this. Has Lana joined us yet? 😉

    5. Kerryn! You’re still around! Wow. I think you’re one of my longest lurkers… Mechanical estimator? Really? How not-at-all-what-I’d-pictured-you’d-be!

  4. StevenMcD says:

    She had an early night last night, but she’s very excited about becoming NooNoosMcD 🙂 We’ll be setting that up later. She’s even gonna start blogging when we get ADSL at the end of March 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    Admin is SOOOOO not my thing! But like I said it pays the bills!

    If the men were sexy then admin would SOOOO be my thing!

    But alas they are not! In fact there are very few under 60 *sigh*

    See you want my job now dont you!

  6. Craig says:

    Me, I’m a software/web developer working for Touchwork out here in Tokai (which is naturally miles away from where I live, Gordon’s Bay!)

  7. Tom says:

    I am a full time writer. Whether it be blogs, copywritying, SEO or magazines that’s what I do all day every day. You’d think I’d be pretty good at it by now! I know, what happened?:)

  8. GavinCZA says:

    My say are…

    I are to be in the technical field, meaning I fix the broken stuff, or brake the fixed things, I am never sure about which one it is.

    Also on the other hand I do graphic design, web development, the odd thing here and there with Motion Graphics… and bla bla bla…

    datz my say

  9. B says:

    I am a server administrator, copy writer, sales co-ordinator, accounts manager, technical support and tea girl at a Durban based WebDesign and Development business..

    And I blog in my lunch times.. or when no one is looking.. eheheheh

  10. Shebee says:

    7. Laura – hehe, no it’s okay – you can keep your job honey. Mine involves sexy men too.

    8. Craig – Tokai always makes me think of Tokyo Drifting in Two Fast Too Furious. Random. I’m loving your blog lately, btw. I’m a lurker 🙂

    9. Meg – Ahhh, right. Yes that explains the Dean connection 😉

    10. Saaleha – What an interesting profession! I’d love something like that.

    11. Tom – I am so jealous! That’s my dream job.

    12. Gav – don’t worry, I break things too. Often.

    13. Gluggie – hehe, I know your job well. I wasn’t sure how specific I could be though. Privacy and all that…

    14. Lucas – ha ha ha!

    15. Afro – Photography will be my next chore to tackle. I wants to know how!

    16. B – and don’t leave out the servicing of your boss you old whore. 😛 xoxo

  11. Talya Goldberg says:

    Im in the last week of my 4 month holiday, shall sadly be going back to UCT as a Marketing student next week, who interns way to much. I am Grasser for Instant Grass and I’m currently doing the social media campaign for Christel House SA..

  12. Nielfa Hanifa says:

    I do book design and typesetting… so my name appears in the imprints of some books published by a few CT based publishers. I also do random DTP and layout design. I totally enjoy what I do, but I’d love to become a lady of leisure one day in the not too distant future… for now I’ll have fun earning a living this way.

  13. Carla Fourie says:

    I have to confess, I’m a lurker too 🙂 I’m the Marketing Coordinator for AlterSage and loving every moment!

    @Talya Goldberg – Good luck with your studies, until last year I was also a full-time Marketing student – great fun!

  14. Christopher says:

    Eugh! I work in management in the retail industry, and hate every minute of it. That I haven’t killed myself is the biggest surprise of all.

    In my dreams I’m so much more, and not afraid to change my lfie. But you never asked that.

  15. Shebee says:

    17. Talya – FOUR MONTHS! Oh how I miss the days of Student Breaks…

    18. Nielfa – Cape Town published books, eh? I have a couple at home – I’ll go have a squizz and get back to you if I have your name in print. So exciting! I promise to go all groupie on you and wave pom-poms about 🙂

    19. Carla – Ha! Hello lurker from Altersage!

    20. Chris – Three words: Lifeline. They care.

    21. Andrew – how utterly intriguing. Will there be probes involved? You know, “probes“.

  16. Marcel_Perform says:

    I’m a Corporate Magician & Infotainer : I use magic, illusion, sleight-of-hand, psychology & a whole lotta BS to persuade others to see things differently. I’m little more known for my entertainment performances but I’m doing more & more marketing-orientated work, either for corporate clients or working with entrepreneurs like myself.

    … which is probably the long-winded way of saying I’m a professional magician with big aspirations.

  17. Jeanette says:

    Hmmm, not sure what to call what I do. Just got a new job in the company – a financial services company. I was the technical business analysis specialist… now I’m about to be the head of the online trading system… implementing the web strategy etc.

  18. angel says:

    well, the wedding planning ( is still in its early stages of being a business as its still a hobby and i’m building up a client and reference base so i can turn it into a full time business one day! i love it, and i’m always collecting ideas!

  19. Miss P says:

    I get to play with words and widgets and web doodads all day every day and get paid for it. Part of my job title has the word Editor in it, and I take this very seriously. Waterloo looks like a walk in the park, compared to some of the stuff I have had to edit [mean re-conceptualise, re-interview and re-write]. I tend to shout alot and get very excited [but only on Mondays]. I also swear more than I should, but only when there is an evil IT Nazi within spitti- I mean hearing distance. Next?

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