I’m wondering about my readers…

Who of you are still out there?

How long have you been reading me?

Do you think I suck as a blogger lately?

Is there anything you’d like to know about me that I’ve never written about?

I feel like I’m losing touch with the invisible friends in my computer. Come out of the woodworks please and say hi. Tell me a bit about yourselves:

Name, age, sex, location, marital status, parents or not, favourite sexual position, worst habit, favourite song of the moment.

Aaaaaaand, go!


  1. SwissTwist says:

    I’m out!! of the woodworks, that is!! Been reading your lovely blog for about a year now (10 months maybe) and I still love it! Albeit that I don’t comment often enough (sowwy).

    And only cos you asked so sweetly:
    Name: you know it
    Age: *gasp* a lady never tells her age (or weight for that matter)
    Sex: as often as I can get it, though none for a long long long time (I could continue with the longs but that would just flood your comments section)
    Location: currently sitting in Starbucks in Heidelberg, Germany – home is Zürich
    Marital status: erm.. I don’t know to be honest, will have to get back to you on that when I find out.
    Parents: I have them
    Fav position: considering my current life status, which ever one I can get it in!
    Worst habit: I have so many.. where to start??
    Fav Song: The Script – Before the worst (lame, I know)

    Do we get your answers too??? *huggles*

  2. Neal T says:

    I have the same distant feeling, only because I feel my posts are lacking oomph… I am working on it, though.

    Name – Neal Blindcripple T
    age – 24 and 2/3
    sex – Last time I checked, Male. But if you’re offering…
    location – Cape Town
    marital status – as single as I have ever been.
    parents or not – yup
    favourite sexual position – It’s been so long, I can’t remember.
    worst habit – Biting my nails, but I love it.
    favourite song of the moment – Peter Yorn – Lose You

  3. Po says:

    Hello Shebeelicious I am still reading. I am just a bit short on words at the moment. I still read it all.

    My comments have dropped off too. I like to think it is because I have dumbfounded people with my brilliance 🙂

  4. Gina says:

    Been reading for a few months. Cant really coment on your current blogginess since I havent really read back far enough…
    about me…
    Name: Gina
    age: 29
    sex: preferably
    location: JHB
    marital status: happily married
    parents or not: I am one
    favourite sexual position: dont really care so long as Im getting some…
    worst habit: too hard on myself
    favourite song of the moment: hmmmm, not really into artists and song names but I can hum the tune if that helps…

  5. Louisa says:

    Me! I’m still out here (though mostly over weekends now)

    How long have you been reading me? Couple of months

    Do you think I suck as a blogger lately? Nope, you’ve just been kind of quiet.

    Tell me a bit about yourselves:
    Name (Louisa), age (30), sex (not enough), location (JHB), marital status (been there, done that), parents or not (Work In Progress), favourite sexual position (errm…no comment), worst habit (I dunno, if I thought it was bad I would have stopped it by now wouldn’t I?), favourite song of the moment (I have about 100 favs, I can’t pick).

  6. Stalker says:

    Who of you are still out there? Stalker is still stalking …you yep thats right be afraid MWAHHHHAAAHHAAA

    How long have you been reading me? been stalking long time now girl !!

    Do you think I suck as a blogger lately? in your standards yep because there has been nothing!! but I still want you HAHAHA

    Is there anything you’d like to know about me that I’ve never written about? Loads I miss your crazy family and the crazy happenings that follow them around, I want to see your new ideas and your opinions and your weird views on sience religion, and life style, I want to know where you going and I want to see you get on that poney… the last one threw you off because you where so distracted you did not even know it was happening till you where face first in the sand !! this one pay attention and you will be fine!!

    I want to see all the things your pup has demolished
    I want to see pics of your home the old you would have had em on here weeks ago!

    I feel like I’m losing touch with the invisible friends in my computer. Come out of the woodworks please and say hi. Tell me a bit about yourselves:

    Name, I would be a dumb ass stalker to give that up duhh..
    age 24,
    sex not in this place you will catch something nasty thats if you find a guy who is not gay here…,
    location, again not good for stalkers
    marital status, hell no
    parents or not, I have em but thats the end of that
    favourite sexual position, hmmm there a few but the rest I am sure you already know about?
    worst habit, talk way to much and tend to be annoying apparently I snore but I have not heard myself so it cant be true lol I try to hard sometimes!
    favourite song of the moment, Riana, (live your life) at least I think thats what its called thai subtitles suck!

  7. Ian says:

    Been reading for around 6 months but I dont think you should listen to what people want – its a personal blog and such you should write whatever the hell you want on it.

    Name: Ian
    Age: 27
    Location: JHB
    Marital Status: Married
    Parents: Yep – Daughter (Addison) 1 Year
    Fav Sex Possie: Any
    Worst Habbit: Being a neat freak.
    Favourite Song: Tough one – probably Seether – Careless Wisper though.

  8. sonnyvsdan says:

    Dash, 25, male, Nepal, taken, lotus, fingernail chomping and eating more than i need. The Living End – Carry Me Home (from the pub)

    Who of you are still out there?
    I still drop in occaisionally.

    How long have you been reading me?
    3 years.

    Do you think I suck as a blogger lately?
    A little bit. Its just not the same as it was.

    Is there anything you’d like to know about me that I’ve never written about?
    I only drop in and click on when I think its something I’m gonna be interested in.
    To be honest, I feel like since you made the move to this location (virtually that is), it has been all about just the outside stuff (with the exception of your brother obviously), I really liked the one the other day about whether or not to leave your stuff at your mum’s place, there was finally some view into the inside. You tell us what pisses you off and if you are tired or happy or whatever, but there doesn’t seem to be as much about your opinions and beliefs etc…not like you used to anyway. That’s the stuff I like.

  9. angel says:

    Angel, 35, female, Sowff Effrikuh, living with my Glugster and madly passionately nauseatingly in love.
    Mom to the knucklehead and trying to get knocked up with Anglug Jr…
    My worst habit is procrastination- definitely.
    My favourite sexual position… depends on my mood entirely!
    My favourite song is my ringtone as well- Skillet’s “Paralysed”.
    And there’s no such thing as a bad blogger.

  10. Briget says:

    Hi there Sheebs!

    I have been an avid reader of your blog for some time now. You have made me laugh till coffee has spurted from my nostrils and you have made me sigh in disdain at the fallibility of mankind.. Thank you for sharing your adventures with me.
    Keep them cumming..

    Name – Briget
    Age – 34
    Sex – uhm.. Girl
    Location – Durbanite
    Marital status – Divorced
    Parents or not – Deceased.. but I have a few ankle snappers of my own..
    Favourite sexual position – they all good, eh! As long as its often!
    Worst habit – My big mouth gets me into SOOOOO much trouble..
    Favourite song of the moment – Noah And The Whale – 5 Years Time


  11. Megan says:

    me me me! still here after about a year. you don’t suck. mwah.

    Name – megan
    age – 25
    sex – female
    location – hillcrest
    marital status – single-ish lol
    parents or not – yup
    favourite sexual position – right now… anything
    worst habit – being unable to keep the internal monologue internal.
    favourite song of the moment – breaking benjamin – evil angel

  12. Shebee says:

    I’m loving this, I should’ve given you lot more questions – who knew you liked to speak about yourselves so much?!

    Keep them coming!

  13. Wenz says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now and still love it.
    Thought it was time I left a comment.

  14. The Jackson Files says:

    i guess that i’ve read you on and off for a couple of years now and your post about your daughter has the dubious distinction of being the only blog post i have ever read that made me cry. loudly and for a very long time. i don’t think you suck as a blogger.

    as an aside…my brother in law follows you on twitter and thinks your hot, but don’t ever tell my sister that if you meet her. she’ll kick your ass.

    Name – Rebecca
    age – 37
    sex – female
    location – jhb
    marital status – got boyfriend
    parents or not – yes, to Jackson. who is, quite frankly, adorable.
    favourite sexual position – it’s quite hard to describe, but you kind of bend your one leg around the…and then you get the feather…but while he is…then you arch your…
    worst habit – shouting at my kid
    favourite song of the moment – hmmmm….Goldfish comebacks and soundtracks. reminds me of cape town.

  15. SheBee says:

    Well done and a bowl of cherries to all the de-lurkers. Yay!

    Rebecca that is hysterical – send me his twitter addy and I shall commence flirting instantly 😛

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