I’m sorry readers

I have an annoying problem.  My account gets suspended willy-nilly, the host seems to think its funny to hack into my blog and write posts, specifically after I made it very clear for him to a) leave me the fuck alone and b) have witnesses as to how little I wanted any contributors on this site. Nothing is sacred here, and I have no faith in my passwords anymore.  This site has been compromised, and as such might be down for a little bit.  Please be patient.

Thank god I have made back ups of everything, included html design and such, in case the host decides to go with his insane inner thoughts and has another attack of sour grapes and take it out on ifthesewallscouldtalk.co.za

I’d already found a web host group that isn’t prone to unprofessionally deleting their clients sites on a whim before he so whimsically sent me notice via email last night and then suddenly changed his mind and re-added himself to administrative rights.

I’m here to write.  For my readers, yes, but mostly for me.  Lets also not forget that the majority of my blog posts are a basis for my book.  I also happen to own my domain, so what Richard Catto is doing is akin to breaking and entering. This is officially my DO NOT DISTURB sign. 

Richard, since you stalk me here, this is officially your notice.


Don’t even think about suspending my account, I have over paid you for this month, as you well know, and if you cut off the service, you are stealing from me.  You have infringed my legal rights as a client, and completely disgusted me as "friend".  It ends, NOW.

If you fuck with me again, I will take this further.  

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  1. Jim says:

    You had better check ALL of your accounts. Bank, e-mails, IM’s, and any presence you have on-line access to. Catto did the same thing to Candy (hacked into all of her accounts) back in ’07. He’s got some serious problems.

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