I’m sorry Mily

Today is the day that I have to put my doggie down at the vet.

Mily, I’m sorry boy.

  • I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you hump Susie’s head.  But to be fair, she didn’t like it very much
  • I’m sorry I laughed every time you got frisky with the tree instead
  • I’m sorry you went blind and walked into things all the time
  • I’m sorry I kept playing ‘pina colada’ knowing you would howl everytime because there is a note your poor little blind doggie ears couldn’t handle
  • I’m sorry I couldn’t find anyone who would take you and love you as much as I would
  • I’m sorry I forgot to feed you before I went out last night, that would have been your last meal you know.  So this mornings cheese was instead, I’m sure you wouldn’t have minded, you like cheese
  • I’m sorry the fleas irritated you so much, I sprayed you often enough and fed you tablets to kill them, but they liked your blood too much to stay away
  • I’m sorry Flea’s two boy doggies took a shining to Susie and you had to run around protecting her all the time
  • I’m sorry I shouted at you when you vomited on my bed.  Thrice.
  • I’m sorry I laughed at you this morning when you lifted your leg to pee outside and fell over because you lost your balance, old man.
  • I’m sorry you have to die because I was retrenched and need to give up your home.  People don’t realize how retrenchment effects a persons life, especially yours.
  • I’m sorry you didn’t get to see 2008 like I will.  I’m sure it would’ve been your best year, you were so happy here.

I love you my big blind boy.  I hope you enjoyed living with me all these months as much as I enjoyed living with you.