I’m so excite!

Remember I told you I was flying up to Cape Town for the blogging lecture?  Well the whole trip got even more exciting.  I happened to skype Suetjie to organise a dinner with her and we got chatting.  It turns out that just 2 days before I fly down, she’s celebrating a milestone birthday bash.  So after a bit of complotting, emails and two phone calls, I changed my flights to arrive just in time for her birthday bash!

I haven’t seen Suetjie since Cath & I lived together over three years ago, I think.  I’m bad with timing, but it feels that long.  The best bit?  We’re staying in some lahdeedah guest house for the weekend in Camps Bay.  Yay for time out with mah buddies!

How brilliant man.  I’m about to pee in my pants!

Ps: if you’re in the mood to lose a few braincells, click this link:

Love how awkward she looks throughout the entire video! Like she’s got a carrot up her bum!


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