I’m going to be a Granny!

I’m going to be a granny! I’m soooo excited!  She’s due around December and although she is a full thoroughbred, the sperm donor is not, so the babies will probably come out with three willies and eyes crossed over, but so what?  Babies are beautiful, no matter how fuck ugly they are.
My brother Dazz (the father) and I are already fighting over who gets grandparental rights.  Flea is totally uninterested, she’s just the adoptive parent apparently.  According to her, all custody arrangements and such are up to the biological parents, me and my brother.  Inbredded incest?  It’s a game the whole family can play.

Okay, okay, stop thinking I’m hill-billy orientated, Flea has just informed me that my puppeh (who is not such a puppeh) is pregnant!  I am so insanely excited dudes, Susie is pregnant, who wants mini sausage dogs?

In other news, I have inherited a whole bunch of nicknames from my housemates.  Midget, Gargoyle toes, Lesbian… some unmentionable on this blog… and I cannot come up with something insulting enough for him, so I need your help.  Lets put our heads together and nickname Piano with something horrid, witty and terribly awful.

Aaaaaaaand GO!


  1. Talita says:

    Yai! Going gaga already – will ask V’s parents because they had to put down their worsie last year 🙁 either way, such good news all around 🙂 🙂

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