I’m feeling very unloved…

why does no one comment anymore?

Is it because of Google Reader?

Is it because I’ve sold my soul to the devil named Cameron?

Is it because I’m black?

It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?

Racist bastards.  Die* in a fire.

* But only in the way where you come back** to life again.

** So that you can learn to comment*** here.

*** Lazy assholes****.

**** I’m kidding, I’m kidding*****.  I love you.

***** Leave a comment ffs!

Oh, ps:  guess who’s back?

*does a happy dance her favourite bloggeress is back, then trips on sneaky red handbag and falls to the floor in a gracious ladylike manner.  And snores.  Loudly.*


  1. Po says:

    I will be your commentor baby, I can kiss away the pain…

    I iz not racist.

    But something tells me you are looking for fresh blood to suck I mean entertain.

  2. B says:

    I comment?

    Well I think I do..
    But If i must mention one thing that is bugging me.. the preview thing .. it annoys me most of the time..
    I dont like clicking on it.. cos its opinionated and tells me how frikken fast i should read and other arb crap information…

    But for you… I click.. and comment.. sometimes.. 😉

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