I’m back.

God.  Need another holiday.  Durban was hot.

Ballito was even hotter.

Happy to be home.

Work is crazy.

My outdoor plants died 🙁

Smashed my Blackberry touch screen.  Fuck!

Boated. Camped. Played LOTS of Rummikub (won 8 games out of 10 – SUCK IT!) and Uno. Laughed at my brothers.  Hugged my dad.  Had heart to heart with my mom.  Swore about the fokken heat (Jesus it was HOT, you have no idea). Cried a bit.  Missed home.

Came back to work with 480 unread emails.  Am currently sitting on 200.

Need coffee.

Chat later?


  1. Justin says:

    Seriously? Smashed the screen? On another phone? WTF do you do to your phones? Haha. There’s an awesome R79 cellphone at Game. It has a small screen with BIG rubber buttons. Almost unbreakable.

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