I’m a pickerer. This post is a TMI.

I’m a pickerer.  I pick at everything.  Loose hairs, skin, scabs, fluff on shirts, other people’s persons, you name it, I pick at it.  My face is usually in a bad state because I’ll find one tiny little mark and pick, pick, pick until its an angry mountain of shame shining off my chin.

My brothers know that if they come anywhere near me and they have an outbreak of eyebrow hair (we’re a hairy bunch, us Gates’s) I drop into my handbag and only come up for air once I’ve found a tweazer I can pluck with.  It’s a terrible habit, one I know is disgusting, but one I cannot stop myself with.  It annoys everyone, even Jon The Arrangaholic Jew, I arrange things by picking, too much for even him to handle.  It’s because scabs and zits are not natural, and I feel gross until its off my body.  Which I know only makes things worse.  But I can’t help myself, really I can’t.

So please explain to me, how the fok I am going to not pick at this new tattoo?  Which, by the way, I am starting to have doubts about.  I mean, its been inked into my skin forever and forever and amen.  That’s a long time, yo.  And what if I wear red, it will clash with the pink of my tattoo.  And I sort of love purple now, not pink so much, so what if I want to add in some purple and then some green and maybe another little star and then a heart and then and and and and POP! My head just exploded.

Help me.  I’m trying to not pick at this tattoo.  It’s ITCHY!  And scabby.  And gross looking. And all I want to do is pick.  But I’m a pickerer.


  1. The Stuart Hobbs says:

    Slap it when it itches, it works. But it’s better to use zambuck or an ice pack. Also you need to live with it, well since you are going to have to..

  2. kimmybanks says:

    I know what you mean… I just got mine done last week and it’s 50cm. SO ITCHY.

    I just keep putting loads and loads of cream on, it helps.

    That and patting. Lots of patting…

  3. cassey says:

    I get the need to get at bits that don’t belong on you, but the tattoo belongs now…so no picking :p Hope you find a way to deal with the itch.

  4. Angel says:

    Shebeeliciousness darling, if you pick at it you’ll lose ink and you’ll have to have it fixed!
    And nothing ever clashes with a tattoo.

  5. mom says:

    And if you pick it will look blotchy and what kind of advertising is that for your Momma’s salon???????

  6. TeePOG says:

    Re tat: You now have the perfact excuse to wear one of them silk scarfy thingies around your wrist. Or a lot of bangles. Or a watch with a really wide band. Long gloves. Archery bracers. Body armor.

    Just don’t stick a band-aid over it too often or people will think you’re a closet emo looking for attention.

  7. Ash to the nizzle, cos im cool like that yo! says:

    Hey Sister!!! mines is still red, i hope its not infected, but i alo use bypanthen from AUS but u can get it here too… and bactraban (dont know how to spell it HAHA) is also really good…. dont u know how to reply to smses biatch?

    loving thee

  8. Shebee says:

    Well I’ve managed to last so far. But then this morning I used the anti-biotic gel to fight off infection [I’m kinda paranoid about it getting infected] and the scabs that had formed, went all soft and I accidentally knocked my arm into a book and now the big pink star has a chunk of the pink filler out of it.

    I’m bleak about it, but I’ve decided to stop using ALL products, let it dry out and heal by itself. That way it is harder and less likely to wimp out at the slightest hint of touch.

    Also, I’m taking away meals from myself every time I find my hand picking at it. So there, me, take THAT.

    Hah. I’m such an avatard.

  9. kittiegurl says:

    You shoulda put hydrofilm on straight away (it’s like sticky clingwrap), it keeps it from drying out and scabbing!

    Bepanthen cream works really well to stop the itching…

    Be prepared for becoming an ink addict tho =)

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