I got up at 5.30 am this morning. Jesus.  Who knew it was possible. Granted, I did make myself go to bed at 10pm last night, which is insane if you know me.  Usually I call midnight an early one…

Moved offices today.  One floor up.  So for all the running up the stairs, sore fucken knees and a sort of promo, I get to stay up in the attic at work.  The highest floor.  A million stairs up.  We’re the laughing stock at work.  ‘How’s the weather up there’ is apparently something everyone not in the attic finds hilarious.  It’s so not what I pictured when they promised me a new office.

Every time I want to go smoke my lungs have a battle with my legs:

Lungs: fuck you, I neeeeeeed this fix.
Legs: do you have *any* idea how heavy it is to carry a body up and down 16 flights of stairs, mother fucker?
Lungs: I swear to god it will be my last one, just do this for me one last time, please, I’ll sell you my mother!
Legs: christ in a handbag, just to get you to quit whining.  Okay?  Last time!  Swear to blog.

My new bedroom at home is sans any side tables as I left them at The Shath for now, which means that all my shit is all over the floor.  Charming.  Odey, my gay nephew parrot (belonging to my SIL and brother) has taken a liking to my face cream, and tries to jump on it as it rolls away from him.  Then when he can’t get his co-whores to co-whore-operate he screaches ‘COME HERE BOY! COME COME COME!” until I hold it still for him so he can pounce and attack via means of his beak.  Also, I’ve known this bird since before it had feathers, okay, so could you please put out some karma that it will stop biting me every two fucking minutes?  I had orange nail polish on earlier and the stupid bird chased me around the lounge lunging at my toes!

DateDude (I really need a new name for this oke) has broken his ankle.  What a fucker.  Just before our weekend away.  Incidentally, I am also about to have my… um… I’m not feeling very well, so maybe its just not meant to be?

Just to remind all my faves out there (Ches, Sweets, Glugs, Angel, Kab, Exmi, Journo Tam, Parenthesis, JBC aka Suetjie, I still read you guys through my Google Reader religiously, I honestly just don’t have access during work to comment. Promise. You can even give me a pop quiz and I’ll know whats going on with you.  The only reason I can comment on my blog is because I have it programmed into my clever phone.

Oh yes, am on the hunt for yoga dvd’s. and also don’t have any, suggestions please?  Aims?  What type of yoga is the best to go for when you need a digital instructor?  Obviously with me moving 45 minutes away, I can’t do yoga class anymore and the library here doesn’t have any dvd’s  🙁

One last thing, please can all you webaholics go here. My online BFF Jeremy Nell has started a forum type thingie which looks to be like a lot of possible fun in the future.  Go sign up, make some noise, have a jol! I’m a moderator.  That makes me special.  You wish you were as special as me.  Bite me!

I’m so tired.  I haven’t slept this whole month.  I’m feeling it.  Can you tell?


  1. Nielfa Hanifa says:

    I’m forever commenting on yoga and I haven’t gone in a while, bad me!

    I think hatha yoga is the way to go, (it’s easiest too). Exclusive books have some manuals that come with CDs, not sure if you can get them at the online store. Sportsmans Warehouse have a few nice picks too…

  2. Shebee says:

    Hey Nielfa, shotto for your comment.

    I need dvd’s though. I have a yoga handbook from my friend Suetjie, but the dvd’s would make it easier to slip between poses and movements, I’m not pro enough to know them off hand yet.

    So CD’s won’t help either, unfortunately. I’m ADD. I need visualisations.

  3. candles says:

    yes. stop it! you’re starting to resemble a demented bushbaby. get some sleep woman :p and screw your legs… i think smoking is definitely the priority here. (and lmao about the parrot)

  4. Shebee says:

    PO, the bloody bird did it again this morning. And i get screamed at to hold still or he’ll think its a game. HOW IS ONE MEANT TO ‘HOLD STILL’ WITH AN AFRICAN GREY CHEWING YOUR TOES?! NIELFA, lol, undercover blonde perhaps? CANDLES i love the new name, suits you perfectly 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    Alright – i’d say go with either Hatha or Iyengar yoga, or a combination of the two. Hatha is gentler, whilst Iyengar focuses on holding poses rather than fluid movement, so it would be good for having enough time to watch the pose then move into, before your instructor moves on.

    Did you try ? Not sure if they deliver to SA but if they do they should have a good selection. Hell, i’ll send you some from Australia if the DVD zone is the same!

  6. Sunrise says:

    The best and cheapest Yoga is by a guy called Sandy out of the Durban Surf Lifesaving club after hours, like R20 a session, its a steal, and he’s frekin’ good.

    I used to go surfing and then yoga, to stretch and check out the poen.


  7. Shebee says:

    sunrise, babe, i’ve just moved to scottburg and am travelling thru daily. Can’t attend my usual yoga class as it is, let alone sandy’s. Even if there’s poen to be checked.

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