Angry that you think I’ll always be here, but only utilise this option when things go wrong.  Sometimes I’d like to be contacted for the good news instead of always the bad.

Sad that no one else agrees with me about me.  I’m really not that bad.

Happy that I can appreciate the awesomeness of others, even when they don’t believe it themselves.

Supportive of my friend and will be an ear for as long as its needed and long after its not.

Gifted that I have such good people on my side of life.

Grateful because I have the choice of independance.

Used that I am the object of your desire at all the wrong times.

Excited in every minute of every day lately.  Like my sub conscious knows something I don’t.

Nostalgic that I haven’t seen my godkiddies for so long and they sound so grown up on the phone.

Predictive in that there is an unspoken torrent of change about to embark on my life, I can feel this in my bones*.

*The last time I said that, I was retrenched three days after my boyfriend died, gave away my animals, moved out of my own house  and crossed the country.  Lets hope something positive happens this time round.

On an unrelated note, I hope you are watching Idols season 5.  I am addicted!  Every Sunday we have a whole bunch of mates over and we camp out in the lounge to watch two hours of awesomeness.  Last week was hysterical, this week we were biting nails!  I’d like to officially state that 17 year old Cameron, from Johannesburg, will rock this season.  I’m taking bets – who’s in?  CAMERON FTW!

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  1. angel says:

    well i agree with you about you!
    i’m not watching idols… but i am completely hooked on “middleman” and “graham norton”!!!

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