If you were stranded alone on an island forever…

1. which music album would you take with you?
2. if it was a choice between taking a blanket or mozzie repellant (there are loads of mozzies on this island)?
3. if you were allowed one phone call a year, who would it be to?
4. if you had to barter with the natives for food, what wouldn’t you be willing to do?
5. if you had a choice between coconut or raw fish every day for a year, which would you go for?

i’m so glad i don’t have to live on an island. but then again, i do live in jozi. it’s almost the same, except the natives are the taxis, jmpd officers and roadsidepreneurs, and the music plays in my head, the traffic replaces the mozzies, i barter my soul for a salary and i live on the internet instead of an annual phone call.

it’s been one of those days…


  1. Angel says:

    Whatever P!nk’s newest album is when I am banished, a blanket, sexual favours & raw fish. I hate coconut. The phone call had me a wee bit panicked as I would want to talk to my knucklehead and my Glugster…
    And whilst I’m there I will learn to like cold water so I can swim back home ASAP. Damn the waves, sharks and pirates.

    Lately I seem to end up chatting to a lot of people about how they so wish they could go live somewhere quiet and peaceful and chilled and Cape Town-like… and I always come back to how I want to stay right here.


  2. CC says:

    1. A compilation if allowed, otherwise if a single artist…maybe Metallica the black album. lol really not sure on this one, would have to go home and look at my CD’s.

    2. Definitely mozzie repellant, still can’t sleep under a blanket if you’re covered in bites and scratching all night. Will make a leaf blanket or something.

    3. Tough one, guess I’d say my parents.

    4. Same as Angel, noooo sexual favours lol.

    5. Raw fish.

  3. Flarkus says:

    1. Tossup between Depeche Mode’s “101 Live” and Chris Coco’s “Blue Room Released”
    2. A blankie, it would keep you warm, double as a mozzie-net and by not bathing for a month the mozzies would steer clear anyway!
    3. Mr Delivery, for some chow mein
    4. … go potty in public
    5. Probably coconuts, but all that fiber can’t be very good for one.

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